Thursday, January 19, 2006

mind is blog POEM

mind is blog POEM

blog is self in words.

blog is mind is blog.

mind is blog is mind.

stretching the self toward receding boundaries, which are no boundaries.

splitting the hairs of a hypothetical atom of reason.

blog as product rendered as text/image explication.

blog as organization in digital phantasm formulation.

blog is time recording and what was thought in duration of inscription.

falling into the gentle radiant depths of genuine you-ness.

the epitome of authenticity.

suspended suggestology.


easy epistemology.

THE Blog.

truncated teleology.

thirst for information rivers to carry away the sense of smallness.

The Blog Revolution will be no slow evolution.

[signed} Stevenstreight aka Vaspersthegrate


What I clumsily was meaning to say at the beginning of this feeble little poem:

the mind itself is like a blog,

each thought and daydream

is like a post that is published

simultaneously with being created,
the "writing" of a thought, by thinking it,
is equivalent to publishing a post of text/image,
sound/video, whatever,
on your blog.

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