Thursday, January 19, 2006

mashups: web application hybrids

mashups: web application hybrid

It's time to enter the SuperNet, Web 2.0, and Blogosphere 4.0

It's time to mutate, become an Other Than, an advanced, high-gear cyber-prole, skyrocketing into the upper realms of New Super Web Site-ing.

Glogs and assistive technology, comment-blitzing and podcasting, audio and video blogging, instant messaging as you also blog, multi-window operations, operating entire banks of personal computers, creating posts on multiple blogs nearly simultaneously, adding multi-media dimensions to your current Commodity Internet blog.

Go to the wikipedia article linked above, then read "Popular elements of a 2006 web site or service" by Richard MacManus at ZD Net

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Aaron said...

Great Information, Thanks for the links !