Saturday, January 07, 2006

maps of the internet

Maps of the internet must be difficult to make, since the internet is accelerating, voluminizing, and expanding at a terrific rate of speed and in unexpected trajectories.

An approximal caricature is the best for which one may hope, it seems.

I say it seems, because, even though Archives dot org spidered the web and duplicated it once upon a time, can the same be done with the vastly more immense internet, internets plural, and the invisible web?

How to portray all this mess, but in mystical, intuitive, introspective abstract art?

A dynamic mapping would display the internet on a real-time ongoing update basis, would keep pulse and pace with the internet as it moves, decays, dies, and grows.

Like any other galactic or sensory system, the internet fluctuates with power and spirit, entropy and spontaneity, immaterialism and physicality, structure and disorder, decomposition and renewal.

Take a glance at this, from The Opte Project:

They have more images at their site.


Here you will find static and dynamic 2D JPG/PNG images and 3D VRML maps of the Internet.

These maps are built off of our database using two different graphing engines: Large Graph Layout (LGL) by Alex Adai and Graphviz by Peter North at AT&T Labs Research. Each graphing engine produces wonderful displays, but they are only as good as the data and graphing language we provide.

You can find our test images and some well produced full Internet maps below.

Soon we will release the tools to create these maps on your own.


I thought you should know about this. Be sure to check out the site and look at all the lovely internet maps.

See if you can find Vaspers the Grate, or your own blog, in an internet map.

May the bees in your bonnet be getting right on it.

Thanks to Harvey Dog music appreciation blog for the link to the very interesting Reality Carnival, which has a link to Opte at top of their current main page.

[signed] Steven Edward Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

Here's another version of what I try to think of the blogosphere being like:

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