Friday, January 27, 2006

lesson in cross-blogging

As a lesson in cross-blogging, I offer this example.

In fear of MySpace sooner or later censoring or deleting my investigative meta-blog that is deconstructing them from within, I post my latest SoMeEx post simultaneously also at Deep Blog Research and Vaspers the Grate.

Thus, the post exists, survives, at three different blogwares: MySpace, Blogger, WordPress.

Cross-blogging: publishing the same post at more than one blog. In this case, all the blogs are my own, but it can occur when a blogger has her own blog and she is also a member of a group blog, so a special post might be published at both blogs.

Similar to multi-posting: posting the same comment at more than one blog.

Both practices must be used only in very special and defined situations, to avoid any spamming of content for dubious purposes.

Here is my second installment of my investigation of the MySpace “blog” or, more accurately, social media arena.

{QUOTE: Deep Blog Research intro to MySpace post}

I have a MySpace blog called SoMeEx that is a “cannibal blog”: eating its way from the inside out, devouring deconstructively the infrastructure and style.

I re-publish my latest MySpace essay here, for cross-blogging purposes, in a massive mess of blogological multi-looping, since I don’t know how long my meta-blog at MySpace will last.

Can MySpace tolerate such an entity living inside it?

[QUOTE: MySpace original post]

Today’s sensual ad in MySpace was:

it’s nice to be naughty
Go >
Live Love Learn

Deconstructivist Code Critique
(whisper transmission mode 12):

(1) “it’s nice to be naughty”

A message of encouragement to the bottom feeders who are fishing for looks and likes. Meaning “we want you raw, in your low rung belling”.

Anarchy of intention breezes up against a negative profile of filter debris, clocking the substance of pure ramifications in the hinter lands.

(2) “Go >”

A spur to go, to goad, to Ursula Minor, the counter clockwise cloak of invading secrets.

(3) “True”

If you is “u” and also true, the only way to err is through osmosis and mist.

(4) “Live Love Learn”

Here is a soup of assumptions that gets in our way. To live is to experience everything at least once, according to the smug libertines and rare librarian suns. Love is not intended, but is used as pseudonym for less noble impulsives. Learn implies ignorance, innocence incense smelling sweet in the nostrils of the pullers, a white pure surface upon which to inscribe, in a Penal Colony emulative, the characters of remorse.


[signed] steven edward streight also known as mean old Vaspers the Grate

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