Thursday, January 26, 2006

Last Chance Blogging

Last Chance Blogging:

using a blog to try to make something happen in your life, and you're pretty sure this is an act of desperation and pain, an event of crushing responsibility, a futile and ridiculous stabbing in the dark, a fogbound beacon of dimly flickering blogo-light, a dying ember on the blog revolution bonfire of vanities, but simpering and whimpering along, the blog grits its teeth and presses on, because it has to.

It's your last chance to stick to something, to be decisive, to learn devotion and perserverance, to actually be "about something" other than getting high, chasing skirt or wallet, and nervously fidgeting with your sweater buttons.

Last Chance Blogging is for those of us who have nothing left to lose ideologically speaking. It's a final imploring wailing moan that bounces off the moon of close observations and lands right back on your own head.

Last Chance Blogging is your only way out of the multi-boxes everybody says you should think outside of. You realize there is more than one box to think outside of, and there is also a triangle composed in theoretic models as ego, id, superego...or conscious, unconscious, conscience.

Your unique Conscious-Unconscious-Conscience system may have been mis-constructed. The blog is the answer to your prayers and curses. It will enable you to dig around deep inside and discover your true, not self, or personality, or identity, but expertise, passion, and vocation.

If you want to be a writer, and you start a blog, but later abandon it?

Shame shame shame.

You have no courage, no dedication, no independent thinking strength.

You blew your last and perhaps first and only and lost chance to do something with your writing talent. Your blog is your practice field, that an audience can react to via comments.

Why would you give up?

Not enough comments? So you write only for fame? Is that it?

My, oh, my. What a rotten shame you still don't get. Bloggers must love, respect, and nourish their readers, for sure. But a blog is about committment to daily journaling or news reporting, or whatever you do in your particular blog.

Pull your pants up and lace up your combat boots. You're going back into battle. You stick to your blog like a soldier sticks to his rifle, or like a doctor always has a stethoscope hanging around his neck. Do not quit. I shall not allow such unseemly behavior, just because you didn't get enough comments. Sick.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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