Friday, January 27, 2006

Free Everything: ethical anarchist manifesto #1

Free Everything:
ethical anarchist
manifesto #1

(or: A Poke in the Eye at Web Scam/Con Artists and Spammers)

Our conjecture, widely supported by science and common sense, is this:

There is enough for everyone. Enough food, money, and fun. Enough education, housing, and employment.

Everything everywhere could revert to revolutionary ancient Share Economy, where everything is free, as long as you have something to contribute and are able to share in return with others, or are unable to contribute due to illness, etc.

Free Speech > Free Thought

Free Thought > Free Media

Free Media > Free Meat

Free food, free clothing, free air, free information, free advice, free work, free music, free art.

Take all money away, and see what happens. See how people act, what institutions survive, who controls what, when money is no more. How many televangelists will suddenly drop the alleged "faith" and turn secular humanist?

Am I saying it (the Free Utopia spawned by the blogosphere 4.0) will happen? Not necessarily. Am I saying it can happen? Absolutely.

Babies are not born with innate concepts of "government", "society", "money", "private property", "illegality", or "conformity." What a shock for a child to discover that a flower is unlawful and chocolate is sin.

If enough people will do Only What They Love Doing, it will balance out that everyone has everything they need. Why? Because passion will cause over-achievers to burn with zeal, to the point of absurdity.

When a producers offers what people don't want, he enjoys it himself, and cuts his production quantities. When a producer offers what people DO want, others join or imitate her, and she is surrounded by allies and suppliers.

Utopias, democracies, freedoms begin with a wild, ridiculously beautiful THOUGHT.

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