Sunday, January 08, 2006

first internet photo of Vaspers the Grate

This photo above, the "vaspers hand focus" concept art poster, is not showing you anyboy named Vaspers, but instead, rather, two other people who were in his house at the time the camera was pointing at this space, and they also had a baby between them.
Now being patient whilst another person grabs a glass of purple orange juice for Iraq and Ukraine is not always easy the whole time.

Here we see the first internet photo of Vaspers the Grate, otherwise known to humans as "Steven Edward Streight".

Photo: Andrea Streight.

do you see the hidden symbolisms?

how do you like my secret hand sign? do you know what that means?

Decemburrrrrrrr 2005


carrie said...


i don't know what it means.

but thanks for sharing the photo

steven edward streight said...

The hand straight down, fingers extended? We punk Indians know what that means, and other thumb oriented secret hand signs.

The OJ orange juice is my flipping the finger at the pharmaceutical/mental health industry.

The Orange Juice, that I turn purple in my hand, but satellites remain true color, has multiple meanings.

Another is the Orange Revolution.

The purple orange juice is the Vitamin R for Revolution of the Iraq Elections, the purple finger at the democracy haters and Islamo-fascists.

The colored foil effect around the mouth symbolizes speaking light.

steven edward streight said...

The "Christ-mass" is a ridicule of the ACLU and Diversity Fascists who wish to remove all Christological references within the sphere even of its own sacred and holy holidays.

steven edward streight said...

American Natives had many secret hand signs thousands of years before rap artists and urban gangs invented theirs.

And who can forget the Navaho Code Talkers? They did more than the atom bombs to help the Allies win WWII.

Do they blog?

zafu said...

Yay! Dude, your hat rocks.

HAHAHA OJ = anti-pharma finger flip? Genius.

Much love at you.

steven edward streight said...

my hat is on blur fire

OJ is the "new flu shot"...and there's plenty for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARYBETH said...

Good Golly Miss Gurdey!

Vtg is declaring,



, none other then....

Orange Juice ?



Good to Meet you "punk Indians"
what in the world is that??


carrie said...

vaspers, you are so delightfully trippy!