Monday, January 30, 2006

Erotic ads in MySpace

Here is a rather mild example of the Erotic Ads that can be found in the Pseudo Blog arena of MySpace.

I have also seen ads showing a woman in panties pulling her sweater off.

The ads are explicitly suggestive of careless sex.

It's more proof of the Domination System that is in place at MySpace, exploiting the natural sexual drives of teenagers.



Nice little whorehouse you're operating Robert Murdock.

Have fun in hell, loser. You schmuck-face jerk.

Kindly yours,

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

EDIT UPDATE: For vomit-inducing news on old geezer males preying on your teenagers, and I mean mostly girls from 12 to 16 years old, see Dateline and MSNBC.

A grisly report on a man showing up *totally naked*, with a 6 pack of beer, at a teenager's house, and Fairfax County Police jerks saying "no crime has been committed" and "you have to prove intent", and how the content of material these old geezers are sending to your daughters includes bestiality and encouraging your daughters to "commit bestial acts", see:

"Why the Dateline predators were not charged"

If this doesn't make you sick, I give up.


carrie said...

i must say, this is also indicative of a much larger societal problem.

steven edward streight said...

And we think America is providing moral leadership for the rest of the world?

America is a sleaze bag piece of crap country. I'm ashamed to live in this stupid dirt hole.

Watch Dateline and check out MSNBC for more details than you want to know about sex farms online and bestial acts.

No wonder the reggae and rap guys say the police suck. In Fairfax County, the police are perverts, in regard to them saying "no crime was committed", and etc.

A man walks in naked to your house with beer, to meet your 12 year old daughter...and no crime has been committed?

That's really "tolerant" and "politically correct", right? Don't want to offend the perverts.

Perversity is Not Diversity.

I hope some rap artists do what they say they want to do to cops over there.

george harris said...

kudos to dateline for exposing these myspace perverts. i found some pictures of the guys they busted. it's hard to believe but the list of people they arrested include a lawyer, actor, teacher and rabbi.