Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dvorak "deconstructs" blogs?

My good friend John C. Dvorak (see my sidebar for his kind comments about Vaspers) has taken my secret weapon, deconstruction, and has tried to "deconstruct" blogs, with his "8 rules for a perfect blog".,1895,27443,00.asp

John, are you poking fun at Vaspers? I'm sure you will apologize tomorrow, with flowers and candy. You better! Those rules suck!

[P.S. His post is a joke. You just gots to read it, now, fast, hurry up, move it buster, go!]

EDIT UPDATE: John just emailed me and reminded me that this article is from 2002! I got a Google Alert on it, so late last night I sleepily assumed it was a new article. How perceptive he was way back then. Good going, mate!


carrie said...

definitely a fun read.
and, yes, i am guilty of some of those things he mentions.

MARYBETH said...


Honestly I am not one to be particularly critical ; but, I feel moved to tell you, that I found JCD's blog spoof
O. K. ; however, I think you could have written that same article and made it much more interesting ,lively, and humorous.
I should clarify that I am by no means a reader of "technical anything"-of course knowing my blog , renders my former statement, "SELF EXPLANATORY"

^ waving at CARRY =)

N A M A S T E,
MB aka Life in The Desert
(see I do take some of your advice =)

steven edward streight said...

Since he wrote it about 4 years ago, in 2002, I find it Visionary.

John makes fun of bloggers who are way too hung up on blogs, but he is a blogger too.

He emailed me back and forth quite voluminously, complimenting my Cosmos Blogmos science fiction writing, about a year ago, really inspiring and motivating me.

He seems to like my funny posts, like "Strange Santa Sightings", "Blogger Asbestos", etc.

It's about time for me to write some more funny blog humor posts.