Wednesday, January 18, 2006

definition of blog & post recycling

definition of blog

Let's do this again, define what is meant by the word "blog", that ugly, dirty little word that so many people are scared of, or at least don't want it dating their daughter.

Your friends, family, co-workers will ask, "What is a blog?", especially if you talk about your blog or the blogging discipline.

Blogging is indeed a *discipline*, much like fasting, praying, meditating, decorating, flower arranging, parts assembling, and fervent lecturing all rolled into one astonishing technological revolutionary platform.

Some parents will be familiar with Xanga, LiveJoural, or MySpaces blogs. Try not to be condescending when you explain that professional and mature persons will tend to use Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Radio Userland, or Moveable Type.

Teenagers often use Xanga, LiveJournal, or MySpace (MSN). I dislike all three, but especially MySpace. I had to create my own, unwanted, abandoned blog at MySpaces, just to ***visit*** my friend Bennett Theissen's MySpace blog. Not to comment, but to ***visit*** his blog. Same thing happened at Xanga. I dislike forcing me to create a blog, just so I can then visit someone else's blog. That's weird.

I like Blogger and WordPress. I'm starting to gravitate toward WordPress mainly due to the ability to create meaningful post archive categories. And you have more administrative privileges with a WordPress blog.

I should do a comparison of the blog platforms I have experimented with. I even have strange blogs that you may have never heard of. I have about 12 blogs scattered all over the place. Radical Corporate Art is one, I think. Vaspers the Great 2 was one, but I know the host deleted it due to disuse.

Blogging is a form of itch scratching.

You're "itching" to be creative, self-expressive, product promotional, or find a digital shoulder to cry upon. Your blogging gratifies, appeases, satisfies that creative, emotive, or scholarly itch.

Blog: a simple, self-managed web site consisting of reverse chronological order postings of text, photos, digital art, video, audio, podcasts, music mp3s, films, computer games, or other media, that occur frequently, often daily, and enable readers to respond by way of posting comments that are then included as footnotes or under the original posted essay.

That's the most basic definition I can provide at this time. "Self-managed" is the key term here. Now, thanks to blogs, non-technical people can have a web site, and slowly learn HTML, CSS, web design, web usability, creative writing, digital photo shop programs, digital art production studio software, image upload software, mp3 hosting, etc. to tweak it.

The philosophical definition of BLOG = the universalization of web content.

Doc Searls poetic definition of "Blog" = an email to the world.

Vaspers the Grate comical definition of BLOG = a slow chat room with "wheels" (links to other sites).

The pragmatic definition of BLOGGING = creating, writing, editing, promoting, and maintaining a blog, plus all other blog-related activities, such as visiting other blogs, posting comments at other blogs, emailing private messages or critiques to other bloggers, reading and collecting books about blogs, understanding the range and scope of the blogosphere through reports by blog tracking services, watching C-SPAN for Book TV and other programs that discuss blogs.

PLEASE DO NOT use the word blog as a verb, as in "Oh, I already blogged about that yesterday." or "Leave me alone, I want to blog."

A blog is a thing, not an action. A noun, not a verb.

Blog Posts: please recycle

Every six months or so, it's good to recycle some of your best ideas.

Recycle a post = do a new version, maybe enhanced or scaled down, enlarged or reduced, of a past post. Update a story, add details to an anecdote, re-explain an important principle, reinforce a fact, substantiate a claim, improve upon a theme.

NOT: duplicate it, copy and paste it.

BUT: re-think and write a new post on that old topic, no matter how well you covered it. You can copy and paste some of the old post, but I refrain from doing that. I like creating new posts on old topics, repeating only a sentence or two, a definition or an axiom, from the previous essay.

But why? Why repeat yourself?

Because every six months, your audience should have increased, and the new readers may not be familiar with certain topics. This applies mainly to Business Blogs, and not personal blogs. In a personal blog, you probably should not recycle old posts.

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If you wish to read any of these posts, just type in the words as shown above, in that search blog text entry box at the top of this blog. Most of those asterisked items are post titles. It takes a lot of time turning each one into a hypertext link to the post.

I am now recycling the Definition of Blog, but I've added a lot of new commentary and odd tangents, too.

[signed] steven streight aka vaspers the grate

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