Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dark Siding in a Blog

Blog guidelines that are suggested or recommended by a blog consultant or blogologist are not "Blog Like Me" commandments from blog gods.

Blogging tips are carefully tested, applied and analyzed, close and contemplative, rigorously developed advice that can help you have, not a "correct" blog, rather: help you have a succesful, goals accomplishing, highly effective blog.

A blog that gets lasting results is governed by specific principles and ethics. Oh, and dumb luck too, like me being the first person to buy Naked Conversations in a retail bookstore. Ha!

Now let's look at a rarely discussed aspect of blogging, that pertains more specifically to Personal Blogs, but contains lessons for all blogs, from CEO Blogs to Mommy Blogs.

Dark Siding in a Blog

Dark siding is more than just expressing doubts, misgivings, critique, or complaint. In fact, it is none of these.

Dark siding in a blog means freely and gleefully expressing, revealing, or analyzing your worst, most hidden and suppressed character flaws, or total abandonment to one's unrestrained, secretly contemplated moral depravities.

Why I oppose
Dark Siding in a Blog:

Well, let's bang it out right now, as bluntly as possible: you could incriminate yourself and be a murder suspect. If you are a murderer, I hope you are caught and stopped.

But to give voice to personal hate for another person, or wishes to do something sexually criminal, to express suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or forbidden desires that are indicative of a sociopath, an anti-social psychopath, this extreme Dark Siding is not smart.

There is an American Native proverb that is full of wisdom...

"I have two dogs within me fighting to the death. One dog is a Dog of Divine Light. The other dog is the Dog of Devil Darkness. They fight constantly inside my soul."

The audience is stunned to hear such a disturbing thought coming from the holy man.

One of them asks the wise spiritual warrior: "Which dog shall win?"

He replies, "The one I feed the most."

This is just about all I can possibly say about dark siding in a blog or in any other venue of self-expression.

The only reason anyone wants to reveal their unseemly, de-civilized, pre-oedipal, sado-masochistic, misanthropically insane, murderous or sexually perverse side is:

to solicit the attention and sympathy of others, and to simultaneously proselytize, recruit new members for the Dark Siding Club.

There is good. There is evil.

Each of us must figure out which is which, then join the metaphysical war that's been raging from time immemorial, whatever that means, sounds like either an oxymoron or a hydro-imbecile.

No one writes exactly like anyone else, and that's the definitive aspect of Authenticity.

Authenticity is precisely not revealing all possible aspects and deep dark ugly secrets about our insane cravings, fears, and perversions.

That's called Exhibitionism. That is done for Voyeurs.

Perhaps some blogs are exhibitionism displayed for blog reader voyeurs. The vanilla trainwreck, gawking, gawker media. A taste d'jour that is addictive due to entering the void, but never able to fill or satiate it. Craving is insatiable, thus illusory, transitory, conditioned, an aggregated accretion, and not True Self.

Both exhibitionist and voyeur are abnormal, unnecessary figments of causative collapse.

They are stalled and can do no work, but to show or see. To present or to gaze. No production of human liberation, only further enslavement to the powers pulling the libido strings of zombies.

Hence, porn. The unnecessary stimulation of long dead zones, to no effect but covert, guilt-tripping auto-euphoria, which results in the crippling and eventual irreversible amputation of critical social skills. All beings are distorted in objects of inordinate pleasure, are reduced to appendages to be used at will: the root of rape, an act of cold, calculated brutality and aggression, and not heat of tender passion.

Authenticity is not exhibitionism, where all you hope to achieve is ego-stroking and auto-euphoria. It's not being a ham, or showing off, or hogging the limelight of your readers' minds.

[I use American idioms now, because my wife Andrea is, after work, helping Chinese immigrants to understand the oddities of USA Style English.

A "ham" is someone who visibly craves attention and will do almost anything to get it, act goofy, dance silly, perform an exaggerated role when all that is called for is a simple act, i.e., over-performs for dramatic effect, and to be pleasing to those to whom he feels he must submit.]

[signed] steven streight aka vaspers the grate


zafu said...

Vaspers, some good points explained with the robo-poetic eloquence that is only yours.

Apropos porn, I would like to comment that I see it becoming less and less a private indulgence. People talk about it non-chalantly, even at work, and I think it's become the "premier" signifier for sexuality in the public consciousness. In other words, the popular discourse on sex is based on tropes modeled by the porn industry, rather than on any natural sexuality we might still have left as individuals. The images are so glaring, and everywhere...

carrie said...


what you said about porn is interesting and needs to be studied.
i should study it.
you should.
we all should.

an interesting aspect of our culture.

steven edward streight said...

Carrie and Zaf:

I like seeing cross-talk happening at my little blog.

This commenter-to-commenter communication, even ascending to heights of true altruism and helping each other with baby clothes and advice and comfort...

...this is Naked Conversations, the key idea, the miracle of blogs as conversational tools, the Blog as Slow Chat Room concept that I am championing and trying to push through the...

...monkey hole.

The Blog Wars of 2005 were intense, but the Blog Cataclysms of 2006 will make them seem like a picnic.


It will be reflected here at my blog.