Friday, January 13, 2006

Business Blog Consulting is not a blog

Business Blog Consulting is not a blog.


Why? No comments are allowed.

In this case of a "blog" that is supposed to teach businesses how to blog, the role model is wrecked and ruined.

EDIT UPDATE: Oooops. There are comments enabled here. My mistake. It's just that the comments form activation function is located up at the top of the post, instead of at the bottom of the post, as is more common.

I'm going to leave this post intact, even though it's in error. My apologies to all. I need another cup of coffee.

But this: if you do enable comments, think about where the comment activation form function is located.

Let this "post in error" be a witness to the fact that I make mistakes, and often even admit them. Heh.

All the fancy tags and CSS and WordPress enhancements don't make up for the fact that this is a Pseudo Blog, a bad example for the businesses they are allegedly "consulting".

Many of my good and highly-valued friends and mentors are associated with this group blog: Dave Taylor, Jeremy Wright, Debbie Weil, etc.

I'm sorry to say it, but I question their thinking here.

This blogoid object fails the main requirement of a business blog: to enable customers to interact, on the blog itself, with the blog author, the business.

Businesses of the World: enough already with all your pushy, hype-aholic Unilateral, One-Way Preaching Platforms.

Let customers post questions, suggestions, complaints, etc. on a blog.

This just proves my point about business blogs:

Businesses refuse to blog because they are arrogant. They don't want to hear from customers or the public. They fear flaming, embarrassment, shame brought on by savvy consumers who won't fall for typical "we-oriented", "shut up and listen, then buy my product" corporate BS anymore.

You are consulting businesses on how to blog effectively, but your consultancy blog does not enable users to post comments?

You know what I think when I see a blog without comments enabled?

The blogger fears criticism of his or her ideas.


Not a good policy for those who are supposed to be smart, innocent, ethicial, and customer-friendly.

I have no wish to be part of a group blog, since I tried that with BLOGthenticity, and it was a bad experience. That's where I invented the idea of Blog Scorching, removing all your posts from a group blog. Long story, old news now.

So, I'm not in a "sour grapes" mode here. I like this bunch of bloggers. I consider most or all of them to be allies and friends.

But---a business consulting blog without comments enabled?

Weird, man, very weird.

When they used to allow comments, I posted a few. I was nice. Can you believe it? So what happened? Why no comments?

I think a blog without comments should at least have some statement in the sidebar explaining the reason. I did this myself a few times, when the only solution available to stop comment spam was to temporarily turn off comments on all my blogs.

Thanks to Blogger providing me with Comment Moderation/Delayed Posting and Gmail Notification of New Comments Awaiting Moderation, I never have to do that again.

[signed] Steven Edward Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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i onmy use livejournal and it's mostly friends only.