Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blogroll filtering made easy

In my quest to do "Spring cleaning" at this blog, I decided to eliminate some sidebar graphics. Now I'm looking at my blogroll, and have decided to do some "filtering".

What I mean is: I'm going to visit each blog listed in my sidebar blogroll. If I don't see enough relevant recent posts, flush down the toilet they go. Deleted.

If your blog is deleted, sorry.

But I like it when I see a short blogroll on a blog. Why clutter your blogroll with blogs you never visit anymore, and even worse, no longer seem relevant to readers?


Chris Ritke said...

I'm wondering about the 'recent' in '...enough relevant recent posts...' - if somebody doesn't post often but tends to post relevant things - would you still delete them off of your blogroll?

What about (almost) lurking blog readers - if they don't comment often, but do post relevant comments - what do you think of them?

steven edward streight said...

First, I love "lurkers". They can be your most powerful and influential fans. In fact, I write mainly for lurkers, since the vast majority of my readers are lurkers.

There are many reasons for lurking and not commenting.

People may be shy, inarticulate, busy, in Read Only mode, or simply not sure what to say because your post is so complete and profound...ha ha ha, I wish.

Secondly, I didn't mean that a blog has to post daily or even weekly.

But I have deleted a few blogs today because they haven't posted since April of 2005, for example, or because the blog has actually vanished, been deleted.

I don't mean to be uptight or judgmental, I'm just assessing what links provide true and continuous benefit.

I have problems with 49 Media due to porn, that sex video on the main page "Design Your Own Woman".


Chris Ritke said...

I understand. Not posting since April 2005 probably means they've given up. There might also be a difference in what you keep in your blogroll as opposed to your feedreader.

As for 49Media and porn - you're right, a constant battle. I guess I spent too much time in Europe and thus have a different view on what is ok and what not - we're probably alienating some of the people we'd like to have in there (like you!) with some of the content... what to do, what to do?

Back into lurk mode - until next time!