Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blogging Delivered ad by AT&T

Vaspers spots "Blogging Delivered" billboard ad of AT&T in Peoria.

Have you seen this billboard? When my wife (I almost said "my wifi") and I saw this, we almost had a car accident. I said, "Blogging is so popular, it's advertised on billboards now?"

Is AT&T offering telephonic audioblogs?

This is an example of wasted ad dollars. The "blogging delivered" says absolutely NOTHING. There is no clear benefit, product, promise, claim, or USP (unique selling point, or product differentiation).

Part of "_________ delivered" campaign, Hundreds of Millions of Dollars (billions?), a real shame they are so DAMNED STUPID.

They need another phrase or sentence to explain what the hell they're talking about. This is being commented on by Robert Scoble and others. Scoble says AT&T should have given some of that ad budget to some bloggers, who could be paid buzz agents, and would accomplish more than a stupid one line billboard.

Adland says AT&T is "taking credit for shit they don't do."

See the flickr photo and comments.

[signed]steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

P.S. My poll is a huge success already, 30 minutes or so after I posted it. 100% of you want to know more about "How to Promote a Blog", which is a really easy, simple topic to write about. A post on this topic is coming soon, today, if my shoulder will just shut up and quit hurting.

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