Friday, January 27, 2006

Blog comment signature play at TechCrunch

Here's my comment and, more importantly, the comment signature affixed to the comment, that I posted at TechCrunch.

Look out bloggers. I'm conducting deconstructive experiments in your comment boxes. This is so easy, a subliminal appendix to a comment posting, maybe...

...maybe I could even publish an entire book as a signature appended to a blog comment!


“I generally like your blog, but shudder when you stray into pretentious rants like this. Please do criticize on the basis of the product but don’t whine because a company isn’t following your narrow script.”

As a decontructionist blogology specialist, I have to say that when a user posts a comment scolding a blogger about voicing his opinion, is this not the reader attempting to erect a Domination System and impose it on the blogger?

“Shame on you for being so exhibitionistic that you tell us your opinion, especially since it conflicts with my omniscient view.” is what the flamers are saying.

But who cares? because they are teenage boys with girl names who tell fart jokes and worship Harry Potter.

You are correct about pre-launch publicity: waste of time, betrays a chaos of intracorporate finagling.

Comment by steven streight aka vaspers the grate who says "blog yourself to death" for the blogosphere: pure martyr — January 27, 2006 @ 2:25 pm


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