Friday, January 20, 2006

all blogs are metablogs

all blogs

all blogs, with real human beings authoring them, typically contain some amount of commentary on:

blogging, bloggers, blogosphere, blog tools, blog community, blog vs. email, blog vs. wiki, blog and glog combos, mashups (web app hybrids), web 2.0, micro content composition, taglines, post title writing, deep linking to sources of info or quotes, online content protection, aggregation vs. reblogging, syndication vs. manual search, blog posts as "financial political contributions" vs. free blog speech, blog neologisms, blog-euphoria, blog addiction, dangers of personal blogging, CEO blogs vs. corpo-talk, blogging and IMing simultaneously, texting vs. blogging, blogs as Slow Chat Rooms, blogs as online navigation vehincles, dynamic content vs. static web sites, Dark Siding in Blogs, password-protected teen digital journals, traffic exchange sites, blog tracking, blog evaluation, blog writing technique, blog voice, blog topic selection systems, anonymous blogging, politically repressed blogging, scumblogging, arche-blogging, panblogging, blog psychosis, blog burnout, blogs and murder, blogs and rescue and recovery programs, blogs and ham radio, blogs and electro-telepathic communication, blogs as revolutionary activist platforms, blogs as Hyper Email, clique linking (clinking), robo-blogging, comment spam, spambots, trackback spam, guest book spam, abusive comments, captchas, comment moderation with delayed posting, site registration at blogs, blog template tweaking, blog comment generation principles, how to judge a blog, how to improve a blog, most important aspects of blog construction, purpose of a blog, goals for a blog, pseudo bloggery, fiction character blogs, blog plagiarism, blogoid objects, sleazy sponsored link blogs, link farms, blogs as immaterialism for geeks, blog ethics, blogocombat, blogosophy, blog errors, blog directories, blog posting frequency, blogrolls as credibility enhancement and reader benefit, blog deconstructionism, blog abuse, anti-blog bloggers, royal blogging, celeblogs, astral blogging, blogging methodology, blog creativity, blog authenticity, blog profiles, blogopathic blog haters, blogonomics, ghost blogs, blog business models, blog consultant evaluation, blog definition, new super blogging, Blog Day 2005, blogaholics, blog apathetics, blogological analysis, blog metrics, blog interpretation, blog credibility, blog transparency, flat blogosophere, frozen blogosphere, bloatosphere, blog controversies, unpaid opinion bloggers, buzz agents, blog advertising, triumphalist blogging, blog reform, gender blogging, mommy blogging, unblogging, pre-blogs, blog blindness, blog statistics, blog alliances, sidebar strategies, blog search engines, hardcore blogging, extreme sport blogging, core values of blogging, blogs as web portals...

... and the infinitized set of blogological issues and blog building/promotion techniques.

some unbloggers make fun of meta-blogging, which means "blogging about blogging".

"a blog that blogs about what other blogs are blogging on their blogs, or about blogging in the blogosphere"


shoegazing, navel hypnosis, super introspective self-reflexivity that is post-modernism and eastern trance voids on steroids?

HERE is WHY we have META-blogging, blog posts about blogs and posts:

Blogging is relatively young.

Some say it started with the first cave painting that was "posted" to inform an audience about good hunting sites. Others say it came long after the wheel and fire and space probes.

They date the origin of blogs at 1993, Tim Berners-Lee and his "What's Next?" page on the CERN switzerland site, and I agree.

This primal pre-blog page was a true blog, it was updated frequently, it contained hypertext links to other sites, it cultivated and pleased a specific audience of other technicians, it was one person doing everything.

Since the Blog Revolution has only entered fully the first 3 stages, and is just now heading into Blogosphere 4.0, we naturally are seeing lots of blogs discuss blogging, blogology, and blogdom's best practices.

The blog realm is self aware, self correcting, and self defensive.

The blogosphere of bloggers and their blogs is a powerful conversation and information (textual, visual, audio) arena.

Powerful, imperfect, evolving, seeking to do it while pursuing clarity in self understanding.

What's wrong with that?


don't knock it until you try it.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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