Tuesday, January 31, 2006

30 ways to improve your blog posts

Here are some ways to improve your blog posts:

(1) Use number titles: "12 Ways to...."

(2) Use inspiring titles: "Why You Should Keep Blogging, Even When No Comments are Posted"

(3) Use how to titles: "How to Evaluate Blog Credibility"

(4) Avoid vague titles like "Check it out"

(5) Post, within 24 hours, about a hot issue in the news.

(6) Let your readers have input on topics you choose to blog about.

(7) Avoid filthy language, which is just shock value or immaturity.

(8) Study good, high traffic blogs in your field for inspiration.

(9) Post about what other bloggers are saying, with links to their posts.

(10) Say what you *really* think...and don't worry about negative reader reactions or declining numbers of RSS subscribers.

(11) Keep your posts, and paragraphs, as short as possible.

(12) Use bold, color, type sizing, lists, and subheads to help readers scan and skim.

(13) Respect the impatience and hurried nature of blog surfing.

(14) Post only what is truly relevant and important to your purpose and your readers.

(15) Be bold, aggressive, and polite.

(16) Share with your readers what you've learned about blogging.

(17) Provide useful, practical information...and not just your opinions.

(18) Study the blogs of pioneers like Doc Searls, Evan Williams, Robert Scoble, Jorn Barger, John C. Dvorak, Matt Mullenweg, Richard Edelman, Mark Cuban.

(19) Use variety, surprise, atypicality, eccentricity, and refreshing candor.

(20) Expose crimes, wrongs, incompetence, immorality, and stupidity.

(21) Directly invite readers to voice their opinion in comments or emails to you.

(22) Post about blogospheric oddities, weird and bizarre blogs (like Dvorak recently did about the blog of North Korean dictator).

(23) Include JPEG optimized photos and art, but not too many.

(24) Write about whatever you have passion *and* expertise or experience in.

(25) Write in a friendly, conversational, casual tone.

(26) Write as perfectly and correctly as possible.

(27) Click on the links in your posts, to make sure you typed them in correctly.

(29) Revise and edit your posts, when necessary, including typos.

(30) Write funny posts now and then.

Now, I'm sure I'm forgetting some good tips.

Have you any post writing techniques to share with us?

Post a comment or email me your insights, opinions, complaints, or corrections.

Thanks, friend!

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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