Friday, January 27, 2006

2 geek T shirts 4 U

"I'm blogging this"

When I'm interviewed on television or a videocast, I want to wear one of these shirts, or perhaps I'll buy some fabric paint and make my own geek T shirts.

I am planning on a Vaspers the Grate T shirt, perhaps:

(*) "I got flamed by Vaspers the Grate"

(**)"Vaspers the Grate relieved himself on my blog"

(***)"Vote for Vaspers the Grate: King of the Blog Technocracy"

Any reader suggestions?

"Geek Love Poem"

This one (sob) is so (sniffle) it's just so (snort) romantic, I feel all mushy inside, I want to write a tell all book about my addiction to love, and get Oprah to hype my fictional memoirs on her show, my emotional faux affadavits.

If you don't get the two jokes on this T shirt, if you don't know hexidecimals or NightWing, how did you end up at Vaspers the Grate?

"All your base are belong to us" is a funny bad translation into English of some Japanese phrase, which probably meant, "we have conquered all your military installations". It was a phrase from a video game called NightWing or DarkWing. I'll try to dig up the URL to a short Flash film music video on a cartoon site that shows all kinds of famous people holding up a sign that says "all your base are belong to us".

A classic time-honored geek tradition.

Like banana ranking: "that's easy, two banana at best" meaning two monkeys could do it.

[signed] geek master steven streight alas known as vaspers the grate comment sig player


carrie said...

cool shirts. didn't you once say that you don't like to think of blogging as a verb?

no matter.

steven edward streight said...

I do hate using blog as an active verb, as in "I'm going to blog that", "I'm blogging this", and "Blog it."

Soon, the word "blog" will be used like the F word is now.

"Blog you, pal, and the horse you rode in on."

"What the blog is going on here?"

"Blog" is an ugly, ungainly, unseemly worm of a word. No one in polite society would use such a common, unappealing word.

I hate the word "blog". But we're stuck with it, it seems.

"wiki" sounds nicer. So does "web site".

steven edward streight said...

Still, all in all, I would wear that T shirt.

But, if you're artistic, as you clearly are, you could buy fabric paint and design your own blogger T shirts, with even more clever and funny sayings.

The eyes of a hardcore blogger are full of text.