Friday, December 02, 2005

Who made Vaspers the Grate?

NOTE: That Entropy subscription badge that appears here--it's from Entropy Gradient Reversals site of Christopher Locke, who is a huge influence and guide for the little blog VTG.

Everyone knows I'm a Googlephile, meaning: I like Google's high usability, highly effective products.

In a sense, Google and I are free association partners. We conduct a great deal of business transactions and service interactions, on a daily basis, 365 days a year. I keep weird hours, too, so they have to have 24-7 availability.

Oh, no money exchanges hands. There is no profit involved. If anything, for Google, it's loss all the way downhill with me.

It's the New Net Economy reality.

You don't maniacally horde anything. You give away tons of free samples and even completely, permanently free products and services. No strings attached.

Think of how this generates rapid positive word of mouth advertising, not to mention good karma, which every business since Enron desperately needs.

Anyway, now I'd like to express appreciation for a few major agents in my evolution, and forgive me if I missed your name or company in this hastey compilation.

Everything I am online, I owe to the following factors:

(Who made Vaspers the Grate)

Windows: operating system

emachines: computer components

Mozilla Firefox: browser

Google: Gmail, Alerts, Blogger, Picasa/Hello, Google Books, Google Base, etc.

Paint Shop Pro 7: digital graphics tools

WD Boyce Council-Boy Scouts of America: my first web usability client

SuZan Severson: Boyce Marketing Manager.

Dave Thurman, Pres., The Web Presence Group: introduced me to Boyce web dev committee

Ken Kirchgessner, CEO, Oberlander Security: hosts and presides over the Boyce web committee

Insight Cable Broadband: internet connection

Tim Berners-Lee: the web

Evan Williams: Evhead, Blogger, Odeo

Jakob Nielsen: useit dot com, Designing Web Usability (New Riders)

Nick Usborne: Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy (McGraw-Hill)

Biz Stone: Who Let the Blogs Out?

Elizabeth Castro: Publishing a Blog with Blogger (PeachPit Press)

Stephen Spainhour & Robert Eckstein: Webmaster in a Nutshell (O'Reilly)

Thomas A. Powell: Web Design: The Complete Reference (McGraw-Hill/Obsorne)

John C. Dvorak, Dvorak Uncensored blog, CBS MarketWatch, PC Magazine columnist, etc.

John and I carried on an email correspondence for a while, in which he mysteriously complimented by Cosmos Blogmos science fiction writing and my essays on Blogocombat and Web Warfare.

Dvorak Uncensored is a New Super Blog for sure. Just look at how he uses artistic images or weird photos IN EVERY POST. He sets the example of mega-blogging perfection. You quickly get his viewpoint, his ideology, his humor. Quick stabs and jabs. Ya gotta love it, even when you disagree. That's a real art: writing so well that even detractors are entranced.

Christopher Locke: friend, ally, mentor, and one of the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto. Chris, one of the greatest marketing minds of the modern age, is also author of Gonzo Marketing, and is the "RageBoy" blogger of Entropy Gradient Reversals and Mystic Bourgeoisie (his attack against *Mind* Core Values violators of the New Age movement), and Chief Blogging Officer.

First book all bloggers should read is The Cluetrain Manifesto. Next: Who Let the Blogs Out? by Biz Stone. Then: Gonzo Marketing, even if you're not a business person. It will teach you how the Cluetrain principles apply to promotions, PR, and personal sites.

Vessel of Honour blog, Mac Swift

[EDIT UPDATE: The URL "vesselofhonour dot com" has been hijacked by some sleazy domain name purchaser. It now is a spam site, that lists "Rick Warren" (whom Mac didn't like), "God helps those who help themselves", "amateur sex", and other porno crap. There seems to be no way to view a cached version of Mac's old blog. Anybody have a solution?]

...from whom I learned blogocombat, starting with our attack on Harry Potterization, the online friend who first got me interested in blogging.

I started on the road to blogging by, I actually was born through, Blogocombat, and have never abandoned this original orientation. I sided with Mac most of the time, and kept any views opposed to his very low profile, out of politeness and good will. But as fate would have it, we crossed swords briefly, swiftly, decisively...and I was banished.

He banned me for claiming that one of his commentors ("annie") was his own creation, an imaginary comment poster, a self-adoration device (an illusory automaton with baton: a praising "pseudo-commenter"), because "she", this "annie", complimented and appreciated every post he wrote, even when he was less than sympathetic to women-in-general. This didn't seem real. I questioned it. He was already speaking of quitting his blog. My criticism seemed to be the final straw.

The first blog I ever visited, and I entered its ongoing conversations as the largest contributor of comments, I destroyed...accidentally.

Did you destroy the first blog you ever visited? Or any other blog, say one you thought was really rotten, sleazy, self-adoring, or boring?

Don't tell me you've never destroyed or at least been banned from, a blog, discussion forum, or chat room. Never been kicked out of any internet zone?

Then, how did you end up here? This is the Land of Rejects and Rebels.

Mac's motto: "Woe unto you when all men speak well of you." He was the mightiest blogocombat trooper I ever sided with or struggled against.

Paul Woodhouse, Tinbasher blog: engaged in live blogocombat fighting, bloody bruisings and brawlings galore, against tilting windmills and other pseudo-bloggery curiosities! Rage against the miss sheen. I learn how to blog uniquely and humorously from Paul.

Carrie Snell, A Grain of Salt blog (aka The Wrath of Grapes aka It's a Blog aka...?): sets the example for high quality, self-effacing, spontaneous, intellectual, idiosyncratic personal blogging.

Yvonne ("Jane"), Lipsticking blog: sets the example for idiosyncratic, nickname, marketing-to-women blogging.

Disgruntled Car Salesman blog...I just like the name of it, and the person behind it. Good controversial Triumphalist blogging technique; plus interesting commentary on automobile marketing.

Dave Taylor at Intuitive Life Business Blog: sets the example for meaty, controversial, practical business blog topics.

Evelyn Rodriguez, Crossroads Dispatches: sets the example for spiritually-informed business blogging.

Karen Ruby: a strong tech skilled advisor of considerable reluctance and verve.

Chris Ritke, 49 Media: for doing my first podcast interview, and for posting good comments here and at Blog Core Values.

Philip J. Kaplan: F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-Com Flameouts (Simon & Schuster).

Geek dot com Message Parlour: smart, friendly geeks have answered tons of my questions, and they're ready to tackle yours. Register today. See my sidebar link.

Matt Mullenweg, PhotoMatt blog: WordPress founder, and first responder to my ancient Blog Pro Survey, when Vaspers was just beginning to dominate the miniscule but burgeoning field of theoretical and applied blogology.

B.J. Fogg, PhD., Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab: for defining, along with Consumer Reports WebWatch, the various factors for web site credibility.

Seth Godin: pithy-post marketing blogger, has always answered my emails promptly and politely, and reigns high in the pantheon of web marketing experts.

Baptist Board BBS: (where the nickname "vaspers" was first used) -- for banning me without warning.

Asterisk web design blog: for banning me without warning.

Design by Fire web design blog: (where I first fought for web usability principles against narcissistic design) -- for inspiring me to auto-ban myself.

The Red Couch business blog (Shel Israel, Robert Scoble): for saying "we'll never ban you."

Andrea Streight: who got my rusty computer skills up to date, and I have to add at least "etc.", or she'll kill me.

"It's entirely possible to reach people through the Internet--just not through Internet advertising." Christopher Locke, Gonzo Marketing, p.75.

"Vending machine blogs are like ice cream truck web sites--nobody likes anything that toots its own horn so loud, you can't hear yourself think." Vaspers the Grate 12-2005

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



clocke said...

wow, thank you Steven! nice to see that EGR grafik atop your list. -RB

steven edward streight said...

Chris: You are so welcome. I appreciate how you track internet references to your name and links to your blogs, then actually practice what you preach, and deposit comments at even the "little blog" VTG.

I was introduced to the internet and online marketing by The Cluetrain Manifesto.

My first adventures were guided by you Cluetrain fellows and Jakob Nielsen.

Very little after those two huge influences has ever come close to the impact and genius encountered there.

I keep getting my bearings from Gonzo Marketing. When I need direction or encouragement, it's the inspiration I need.

That book is chock full of business brilliance, marketing analysis, and radical progressive thinking.

I keep Gonzo Marketing close to me at all times, even had in my bedroom for late night laughter and enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven,
Very sweet to mention me. Wonderful and contagious idea to thank those who've influenced you. And of course it's never one-way influence-influencer relationship, heck not even just two-way cluetrainy. As we open up, the influences just bounce around back and fro and seep in all around like light it seems. Thanks for your sharing you and your thoughts.
Evelyn Rodriguez

steven edward streight said...

Evelyn: thanks for replying.

You have a unique blog and I never know what you're going to post next.

It's a great source of socially conscious blogging and marketing wisdom.

Keep up the great and role modelish work.


Paul Woodhouse said...

Are you going soft in your old age you sentimental little shuffler?

carrie said...

it always scares me to be recognized, because then i feel like i have to live up to expectations. but, thank you. i'm flattered.

steven edward streight said...

Paul: I am a Grand Contradiction of Paradoxical Exactitude.

I like to express appreciation for some noteworthy influences, instead of constantly attacking and destroying deserving targets.

Plus, "tis the season to be jolly", right?

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: Your blog is the first personal blog that interested me. Of course, the fact that I discovered your blog due to your blogrolling Blog Core Values, that got my attention.

And then you continued to keep my interest.

Even the rough and ready combat blogger Paul Woodhouse The Tinbasher has a girl blog he likes, some soap blog, so he better not call me "soft"...unless he wants a slopbucketing with special effects.