Monday, December 26, 2005

Terrorists fear the blogosphere

Why do terrorists fear the blogosphere?

Because anyone

can publish anything and be read by the entire world.

The Blogosphere has no central authority control tyrant. There is no puppet master. You can start any blog you want, with whatever design and colors and art you want, and write whatever you want, at least in the nations of the Free World.

You can start a blog, which is a Universal Communication-Interaction Platform. You are now online. You have a web presence, a node on the internet, a hub of information about or by you. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

The Blog Revolution is the Quantum Leap of Two Way Communication for All. Its the Democratization of Web Content. The Rise of the Individual against and beyond the MSM Information Hegemony.

The people have declared Information War on the Powers That Pretend To Be.

Blogs enable Self Expression to a Global Audience. Or at least friends, family, and the stray web surfer who stumbles on it via a Google search on a keyword that appears often in your blog.

What's troublesome is that blogs can do more than enable Non-conformist, Radical Ideology self-expression.

Blogs, in the wrong hands, can also expose the lies and hidden agendas of corrupt governments and outlaw thugs. Or of sleazy con artists.

As everyone now knows, terrorists tend to be decentralized, random associations of like-minded violent haters of "whatever", whatever is not them, whether they're Ku Klux Klan, Al Queda, or Islamophobic Crusaders.

Hatred of America, Judeo-Christianity, Existentialism, Scientific Rationalism, Abstract Art, Noise Music, Diversity, Democracy, and Free Thought and Voluntarist Association.

Terrorists, cults, rogue regimes, irrelevant organizations, sleazy operations don't want the world to be blogified into an extreme transparency, for then their true selves will be on display.

Blogistic Transparency Transformation: It's already happening all over the world. It's too late to stop it, though the United Nations is trying to gain control of the internet.

But until some Power That Pretends To Be does indeed regiment, regulate, and ruin the internet, we have a wild wild west type bonanza of independent thoughts and radicalized blogging.

Nothing can remain hidden anymore. If anyone knows something, and you made the mistake of messing with them to the nth degree, that something they know may come back to haunt you.

An obscure individual can reveal something that causes an entire civilization to collapse.

A single statement can cause a megacorporation to begin to decline into nothingness.

One stray fact can launch the process that causes a government to lose its iron grip on its mind slaves.

One voice.

Shouting, ranting, or engaging in gentle blogocombat. Or brutal debate.

One, just one single lonely blogger could strike the blow that sparks the instantaneous irrelevance, and ultimate disintegration, of a rogue regime or a cultish religiosity.

Bloggers encourage discussion. Good bloggers specifically ask their readers to state their opinions on various topics. The easy-to-use comment form is like writing and sending an email. It's that simple. This lowly little function is the keystone of the entire New Media edifice.

Blogger writes something. You read it. You disagree. Maybe you even hate this blogger now, due to something he said. You seethe with rage. You pound your fist on the table, scaring the cat.

But, take heart, violent reader: you may express your outrage, and your more enlightened point of view, through the thoughtful and convenient Blog Comment function.

This is what misanthropic corporations and dictatorial organizations despise. The humble little comment function. To comment is to think, often in a very different fashion than what you read in the blog post.

Thus, to post a comment, is a colossal act of democratic liberty. For you to post a comment, to interact with, to question, condemn, or praise the blog author, you must be thinking. Thinking along the same, or different, lines of the author, but thinking indeed. Thinking clearly enough to articulate your thoughts in writing.

This is the Revolutionist's Perpetual Creed:

"Thinking clearly enough to articulate thoughts in writing."

This is what they hate. This is why terrorists hate and fear the bloggers. Bloggers tend to be sharp tongued and smart mouthed. Like me.

Mind-controllers cringe at the thought of people thinking clearly enough to articulate their thoughts, which they shouldn't be having in the first place, in writing, which spells all sorts of trouble.

Talking with eloquent speech is fine and admired. But putting dangerous, troublesome, scandalous, non-conformist thoughts in writing, to preserve and distribute them in an inscribed text format, this is greatly feared.

Tyrants fear writing more than talking.

Heck, even normal people fear writing. Want proof? Take a clipboad with a pad of paper attached, or a big fat spiral notebook, to the next bar, party, or visit to a friend's house. While everyone is doing their normal activities, scribble anything onto the pad or into the notebook. See what happens.

"What are you writing?" will come at you first. Or the variant: "Why are you taking notes?"

Next: "Have you written anything about me?" is hopefully or disdainfully asked.

If you say, "No, you're too boring", that won't make anybody like you much. If you say, "Yes", but refuse to tell them or show them, you're in an awful quandry in this case also.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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