Thursday, December 29, 2005

smart bloggers of Iran

Everything I've ever said about The Blog Revolution, Information Hegemony, and Free Thought is coming true in Iran. Not because of me, of course, at least not much, and if a Customs Agent is reading this right now, even if "right now" be many long days or years after I wrote this: watch out!

This is a code blog.

Every single word stands for both its signifying value and its symbolic luxury: some other word, or words.

You, Mr. Illusory Limit enforcer, can take nothing here at face value.

I may spend many paragraphs intricately describing a type of blogger, but what I'm "really" refering to is a type of government. So now you'll have to torture me to discover what government type I refer to, because you're scared it might be yours.

Welcome to code blogging.

Some day you'll probably need to switch from language to code, from meaning to meandering, from clarity to obscurity.

I will teach you how...but I have to do it in code. Being poetically lazy, I prefer to use allegory code. I speak of trees, but mean universalism. I speak of infinity, but secretly mean anarchy.

That's all I'll say now. This is how they do it. They reveal a few juicy items, then zip. Just enough to teach others how to code a text, but not enough to provide a reliable "key" to the locked ideas lurking randomly and sporadically in the midst of a dog grooming blog.

If you want to see what a Real Super Blogger looks like, and what one might tend to blog about, go see the Godfather of Iranian protest blogs:

Editor: Myself

The blog of Hossein Derakhshan. Fascinating writing and important topics for all bloggers, and I do mean all, to know about, to form opinions and policies on.

Customs agents, Hossein says in a recent post, Google people.

If you have a questionable blog, a politically outspoken blog, an extremist blog, even (God forbid) a porno blog with photos of your breasts on it like a garden variety scum witch, think:

"What would a Border Guard or Customs Agent in Turkey, China, Australia, Norway, Mexico, Cambodia, Malaysia, Canada think?"

Hossein says he watched an Invisible Line Imaginary Unnatural Boundry enforcer read his blog for, I think he said, HOURS!!! Every idea, every unusual word, every photo, was questioned and remarked upon by the Powers That Pretend To Be agent. Looking for rope to tangle Hossein in.

Using your own words and images, against you.

Think about it.

Think about bloggers, fellow fiends in the family of the global/interplanetary blogosphere, getting imprisoned or tortured for what they write in their blogs.

And we American bloggers bitch about nasty comments that hurt our hyper-sensitive, pampered, comfort-worshipping feelings. But someday, when the UN or other group succeeds in gaining regulatory control over the internet, you'll have to either leave the web, work in an underground network, or code your blog.

I've explained a great deal about Code Blogging and Crypto blogs in this blog. But you'll have to hunt to find it. So nobody's going to go to all that trouble, except for my elite corps of New Super Bloggers for Blogosphere 4.0

Thus, my secrets are safe.

Remember, in the midst of festivities through New Year's, our brother and sister bloggers in repressive environments, with fatal flowers growing all over the graves, those bloggers who have to be tough, fierce, sharp-tongued, and blogocombative.

They are working hard for Reform. Us stupid Americans are lazing soft for More Entertainment, or whatever our twisted natures demand of us.

We suck. They rock.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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