Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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The Trouble With Normal...

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and raised in small town Alberta [on a farm] [with cows], I am the least likely city girl you will ever meet. Yet, the bigger, the smellier, the more crowded the city, the happier I am.

I prefer city scapes to mountain views and I think the most beautiful thing in the world is old, slightly broken down city architecture.

I currently live in San Francisco, California. [recently updated] I've been living a huge adventure lately. My blog usually lands me in hot water, but most recently, it landed me a fantastic job in California. I was working a terribly boring corporate schtick in Toronto, Ontario, then the next thing I knew, the blogosphere answered my call for help and here I am, Chief Blogger at Ojos.

Although I spend a good deal of time railing against marketing and consumerism, I am by profession an Online Marketing professional and, well, a consumer to the nth degree. You can ask anyone who knows me.

I think these three personalities can meet in the middle, though, and I think that makes me more effective.

I think about the consumer...the person, the living, breathing, thinking, feeling being that is out there looking for good ways to spend her hard-earned money.

I have never believed in mass anything, because people are individuals and not 'targets'. People don't buy brands, they buy hope, stories, memories, necessities, etc.

As Hugh Macleod says, "The market for something to believe in is infinite." It's true. Take off your marketing hat and put on your regular every-day person who has some money in your pocket (i.e. consumer) hat and you'll see what I mean, but remember that we all have different experiences, memories, desires and needs.

My marketing consultancy is Rogue Strategies and I specialize in online and guerilla marketing for small to medium sized businesses.

I only take on clients and products I believe in, although I am the first to admit being a total marketing whore in the past.

So...what does HorsePigCow mean?

My mom, Marianne, is the queen of wise mom-isms (I quote her quite a bit here on the blog). HorsePigCow is a phrase she used to use to avoid embarassment when she called someone by the wrong name (I inherited my mom's scatter-brained goofiness, too...although it's endearing to most). It's a way of saying, "Hell, I'm human and I screw up, but let's move on"...at least that's my interpretation. Plus, it's nonsense. I like nonsense.

I'm inspired by many things (including Mom), but information and the internet are two of those things that inspire me a great deal.

Here are my top 10 reads of all time:

1. The Cluetrain Manifesto - David Weinberger, Doc Searls, Christopher Locke and Rick Levine

2. The Sex Which is Not One - Luce Irigaray

3. Bitches, Bimbos, and Ballbreakers: The Guerrilla Girls' Illustrated Guide to Female Stereotypes - Guerilla Girls

4. Mischief Marketing - Ray Simon

5. Survival is Not Enough - Seth Godin (and, really, anything by Seth)

6. Gonzo Marketing - Christopher Locke

7. Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky

8. The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell

9. No Logo - Naomi Klein

10. Disembodying Women - Barbara Duden

I've read many great things over the years and I've heard some brilliant other things, but probably one of the most brilliant thing I've ever heard is a line from a song by Bruce Cockburn:

"The trouble with normal is it always gets worse"

That's what horsepigcow.com is all about for me. Making certain that normal doesn't get worse.




timjoe said...

naomi klein...good truthteller.

timjoe said...

i prefer mountain views to cityscapes...miss rogue might change her mind if she took a backcountry trip in the teton range.