Monday, December 05, 2005

My CompuMusik CD now available

My CompuMusik
CD now available

I believe there are New Super Blogs coming, already here in fact. And many of these Blogosphere 4.0 blogs, not all of them, but many, will be Mega Multi Media Blogs.

Mega Multi Media Blogs will have various functions, far beyond simple comment posting, for users to interact with.

One small step toward turning Vaspers the Grate into a New Super Blog was the options and features I display in my sidebar, including my podcast with Chris Ritke of 49 Media. A sidebar could also be a vertical scrolling movie, but that's another post for another day.

Also see:

Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for December 5, 2005

"Talking Head Video is Boring Online"

online at:

Eyetracking data show that users are easily distracted when watching video
on websites, especially when the video shows a talking head and is
optimized for broadcast rather than online viewing.

Another step was putting digital art and photo images in every post, like John C. Dvorak does at Dvorak Uncensored.

Now I've finished a CD of electronic music, my original compositions. Disgruntled Car Salesman got an early prototype version of this album, but the official public release is much improved, enhanced, and enriched with multiple panning tracks, for optimum stereo dynamics.

Don't worry DCS, I'll mail you the new version soon.

And Tim the Career Journalist and STR8 Sounds devoted enthusiast,--I'm going to personally deliver it to your house soon.

Now, the best thing would be to convert the WAV files into MP3 format, have Archives org host them, then post at VTG the links to the music on the host site. That way, you could listen to it while you read my blog, or you could download the music legally for free right here at my blog.

That would help VTG be a real Mega Multi Media Blog. And I want to post not only music, but live video of concerts by my old noise rock band CAMOUFLAGE DANSE, featuring the vocal stylings of Mr. Bennett Theissen, of East Peoria, San Fransisco, Chicago, NYC, and now, Hollywood.

Use a webcam to show me typing an essay to publish as a post to this blog? Would you want to see me drink coffee, mess with my CD player, and write this blog? I didn't think so. You have better, more funner things to do, I'm sure.

How about a webcam movie of me creating electronic music with my Audacity audio editor sound path programmer and a cheap Walmart internet microphone? Low Fi and Hi Tech mixed up in a painstaking, slowly enveloping "reverse of osmosis"? Boring? Probably.

The phrase "reverse of osmosis" or, better, "reversive osmosis", the disbursement of karmacology, is my secret code talk for "esoteric", the secretion of secrets, as in "secrets of the blog pros" or "secrets of le musique concrete".

Steven Streight CompuMusik

"Christian Noise Metaphysics" (3.0)

Release date = December 5, 2005

Cost = FREE, plus $5.00 packaging & shipping.


1. life pulsations booster (2:40)

2. glory to God forever (4:42)

3. thought cube disco (5:37)

4. zero to infinity in no seconds (4:29)

5. light train signal (3:35)

6. desert monk meditation (7:15)

7. vibrating foamular object (9:50)

8. chalice and torch (2:05)

9. properties of linear detergents radio mix (11:58)

[remixed movement from my Harry Partch/Amercan Mavericks NPR (National Public Radio) virtual online instruments "Tsunami 2005 Symphony" composition]

10. ethereal nature setting (7:37)

11. the glow (3:20)

12. mental exploration zone (5:06)

13. painful flames of sorrow (5:17)

14. digital angel jazz piece (4:53)

TOTAL TIME = 78:30

Want a copy on an archive quality Maxell Music Pro CD-R?

Email me your address. I'll see what I can do.

What is the music like? It's in the tradition of experimental electro stylings of such composers as Morton Subotnick (2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack), Iannis Xenakis, Milton Babbitt, Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer, Lt. Caramel, or the husband wife team that did the soundtrack for Forbidden Planet. I've got that film downstairs, I should go look at their names.

It's a bit like Stereolab (beefed up considerably) minus the guitars, singing, drums, and melodies. Just retaining the synth doodling. Plus some industrial noise stylings, and a telephone answering machine recording, whistling in radical reverb, and scratching a knife against a table, then piling effect filters on it.

Steven Streight: Audacity audio editor, internet mic, knife, whistle, virtual online musical instruments ("the music exists, but the instruments don't"), keyboards, BT parent's home organ (pedals), vocal annoyances.

I always like saying "music made with a knife". But I'm not a violent person. Knives can do good things, you know that.

[Plus Bennett Theissen: parent's home organ (keyboard), originally recorded many years ago as "Jorg Immendorf", on the track "Light Train Signal".]

"Ethereal Nature Setting" actually sounds like computerized crickets and cicadas chirping on Venus with satellites buzzing around and robots bugging each other.

"Glory to God Forever" is perhaps the first instance in musical history of electro-chant tremelo confabulations. I do a lot of humming, streamed through stereo phaser phantasms.

"The Glow" has a weird, mournful, cautionary, electro-siren moan that makes you feel...other than.

"I see an ant crawl across the floor. It scares me and I wonder if he wants some more. Carrots, onions and potatoes need salt. We are all humans to a fault. We are bubbles floating through time, touched by a pin that punctures the slime."

--Partial lyrics from "Desert Monk Meditation".

Fun for the whole family. Or...?

Anyway, this is not techno, disco, hip-hop, easy-listening, romantic moods, polka, or pop music. Not rock, or blues, or bluegrass. Not jazz, or classical, or Indian ragas.

It's mostly science fiction ambient type sounds, sometimes with no melody or beat. Sporadic vocal stylings are sprinkled hesitatingly here and there. Very precise noise constellations with bubbly gurgling audio path parameters. Foamy, at times abrasive, generally rather mellow without being overly melodious. Occasionally, frightening and obtuse.

Overall effect and goal: neuro-transmissable transformation.

My next CD, if you can bear it, and I'm already working on it, is entitled...

Steven Streight CompuMusik presents:
"Assorted Sound Confusions"

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka CompuMusik Composer


Zafufilia said...

SInce you're making it free anyway, why not put it up as mp3s available for download? Would save me $5 and you the trouble of mailing it!

Sheepishly yours,

a fan

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

It's good stuff. The new "remastered version" I am sure will be better. Thanks Streight!

steven edward streight said...

zaf: thanks for your interest in my anti-music music. Ha!

Yes, you are correct, and this is what I state in this post: I want to put the mp3s on this blog, so anyone can Save Link As and have it free and legal, with a few clicks.

I am still kind of new at all this audio work, and there is so much to learn, plus the bugs in programs that increase the time spent working around them.

Audacity, for example, crashes when I try to add effects to a second or third audio track in a song. Weird. So I have to work around it in subtle and clever ways.

If anyone can teach me how to put mp3s on a blog, which I think involves an external host, I'd appreciate it.

My podcast for 49 Media is an mp3 that is hosted at Archive dot org, for example.

I don't Know It All, and when it comes to audioblogging, I'm a newbie, groping around.

But I'm dedicated, so eventually I'll resolve the issues.

René Vis said...

Dear Steven,

it's good to read that your CD is available now. Indeed I thought the same as Zafufilia. But your answer is quite clear. As you know I have my songs on the net. And I do it with
That's quite simple, so why don't you take a look over there.
If you want I can mail you how to do it.I really would like to hear your music.

By the way, I'm working on a new CD myself, called "Renevism". I guess it will be on my website at the end of 2005, for I'm free from work in the two last weeks.

Take care, and all the best

René Vis

zafu said...

I dunno of a good host for large files. In fact that´s what kept me from putting up more audio on my blog. But I´m sure the hosts are out there? I know Apple has these .mac accounts where I´ve seen some bloggers host their stuff. Dunno how much it costs. Free hosting has GOTTA be out there though...

As far as your program crashing, may I recommend you get a power Mac? It handles any kind of of creative work so much more easily. In fact, unless you´re working with a lot of video everyday, you can probably get away with buying a cheap eMac and get all the performance you need.