Sunday, December 11, 2005

King of Bloatosphere Keyword

My blogs continue to coin and dominate certain original blogospheric neologisms. For example, the keyword "bloatosphere" in Google.

By bloatosphere I mean the legitimate blogosphere, inflated by the peripheral expanse of pseudo bloggeries: link farms, sleazy sponsored link blogs, content hypertext spam blogs, fictional character blogs, copy & pasted content blogs, and blogoid objects (what claim to be blogs, but have few blog characteristics or features).

Thus, a "bloated blogosphere", encumbered and diluted, with a lowered overall value and credibility as a medium.

Google results for keyword "bloatosphere"--(12-11-2005, 5:45am):

(1) Adpulp dot com post w/Vaspers the Grate

(2) Vaspers the Grate post

(3) Vaspers the Grate post

(4) Dvorak Uncensored post w/Vaspers the Grate

(5) Basturea post w/Vaspers the Grate

(6) Echoditto post w/Vaspers the Grate

(7) Huskerzone

(8) Annoted Times/Blogrunner post

(9) The Red Couch post w/Vaspers the Grate

(10) Web Mit dot Edu post


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