Sunday, December 25, 2005

Iranian bloggers rock hard

Bloggers in Iran don't need "music" to "rock" hard.

They're doing it, the rocking hard, in their blogs.

Iranian blogs, according to MSM sources like Times Online, are wild, irreverent, and outspoken. Check out this recent article, for which I hope to later post my own commentary to here at VTG.

"Mullahs versus the bloggers"

Iran is going to blow sky high soon, in a mental freedom explosion that will rock the universe.


Free Art.

Self Expression.

Radical Thought.

Elimination of Poverty and War.

Equality of Communication Channels.

Private Access to Universalized Media.

The Blog Revolution.

Creative Imagination cannot be suppressed for long.

Not even by the

Thought Tyranny Trinity


...which are the three means by which rogue regimes seek to confuse and control their passive subjects.

Bloggers in Iran now can't legally listen to "Western music".

Bah! So what?

It's not their lack of access to the songs of Britney Spears, Throbbing Gristle, or Bob Dylan that bothers me.

Most of our music sucks anyway, so that's no real loss. You know what music I like and how I make electronic soundscapes. The music I like, or that which I make, is great, but all the rest sucks.

Banning "Western music" (Hindu ragas and Buddhist chant drones are still okay?) in Iran angers me not due to what allegedly "great music" that can no longer be sold in Iranian record stores.

Now the Iranian students, youth, and revolutionaries can get busy with inventing a Hot New Musical Style and Content. They must, and they shall, do this to commemorate the occasion of Internal Jukeboxing and to herald the arrival of the Swinging New Iran Revolt Sound.

Here's my Merry Christ-mass gift to Iran, my personal instructions for the...

Musical Overthrow of
Bad Governments

(1.) Do It Yourself.

Make your own electronic digital computer, or primitive acoustic, music.

Call it Iranian People's New Dawn Music or similar, with friendly overthrow overtones.

You don't even have to buy any musical instruments: you can use online virtual instruments, like the Audacity Audio Editor or various "softsynths" (software synthesizers). Or perform on simple, easily disguised, home-made instruments.

(2.) Distribute Your Music on the Net.

Make free legal mp3s of your Iranian Revolutionary Music available on Net Labels, via Amazon dot com, and other free sample sites. Please don't post excerpt clip samples. Post mp3s of complete, entire songs, even if they're long. Many net label artists post entire album length CDs, brand new projects, for FREE online.

"Get rich by being insanely generous" is the web-savvy Internet Marketing Wisdom successfully applied by everyone from Microsoft and Apple Computer to Rene Vis and CompuMusik.

(I love it when I download an mp3 and it turns out to be a 59 minute flow of live or studio material--when the band is really good.

Aaron Spectre

psycho hardcore ragga jungle breakcore dubstep mix mashups downloads fall into this category, especially his "Live at Brussels Breakcore Give Me Wood" and the spectacular, super-aggressive masterpiece: "Life We Promote" London performance.)

Your Iranian Happiness-in-Freedom Music is much more to be dreaded by repressive regimes than stupid "Western music" (mostly singing about sex, materialistic trinkets, physical baubles, being lonely, drug highs, or how lousy the boss is at work).

(3.) Post MP3s of Your Music on Your Blog.

As soon as I lick the problem of getting my CompuMusik mp3s hosted on a reliable, large-file size per song server, I'll tell you more on how to do this.

Currently, I'm only at the stage of Creating WAV Files on Audacity, Exporting WAV Files to iTunes Library, and Converting WAV to MP3 File. I still cannot seem to find the MP3 conversion so as to upload it to a host site, like Archives dot org or FileLodge.

If, like me, you aren't geeky enough *yet* to post mp3s of your music on your blog, offer to land mail CDs to your readers. I do it for free, but that's because I'm stinking filthy rich.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

"Will the denizens of hell cast
any shadows on those of us
who wind up somehow in heaven?"



zafu said...

I am so happy to see that photo of the Kansas State Insane Asulum Band! Does my heart good to see the downtrodden making whoopee when life gave them lemons. Thanks yet again for a gem find, Steven.

steven edward streight said...

I---nice to hear from you during the holydays, Zafu!---

---bet that Kansas State Insane Asylum band kicked some studious butt.

Great art comes from affliction, "they" "say".

Thus, while I'm beyond socialist, all the way into ethical-anarchist, in my political orientation, meaning I hate all political parties and politicians...

...but even in my ultra radicalism, I appreciate songs of nearly any political or I should say populist activism: like reggae.

I know you like hip hop. Though I dislike it, I do appreciate 3 aspects of it:

* the beats

* the anti-authoritarian stance

* the strange synthesizer noises.

In reggae, I'm sick of their beats and melodies, all that lilting buzz bobbing gunk. I got burned out on it Los Angeles many years ago, where I taped tons of rare and bootleg material off the radio.

But now I've discovered the genius AARON SPECTRE, who mixes reggae radicalism with breakcore dubstep hard house industrial punk techno, even bagpipes on occasion.

Some of the live sets available for download at his web site are among the most exciting, powerful music this lunk's ever heard.

And I've heard way more than even the Sirens would wish to inflict on any one man.