Sunday, December 18, 2005

Firefox 1.5 version now available

Firefox 1.5 version
now available

I have absolutely no idea why anyone, except a certain class of web designers, would struggle along slowly with Internet Explorer (IE).

At a recent client meeting, some in the conference room expressed curiosity about Firefox, and why it's better than any other browser.

Speed and Security.

Ease and Efficiency.

Control and Customization.

What more do you need to know?

Well, maybe a lot more -- so why does the Mozilla web site contain no promotional, educational information? Nothing on Firefox Central either. And I see no links that would take me to explanations, testimonials, forums, FAQ, etc. These things exist, but they are not quickly and easily found from the two main sites where users would expect them to be.

Go to the Mozilla web site and download the Windows, Mac, or Linux version of Firefox, which has just released the latest version: Firefox 1.5

It's easy and fast to download and install. I did it way back when I was still on MSN dial-up internet connection, which continually had interruptions and disconnects.

Experienced users can add extensions, around 300 to choose from. I wish the descriptions would include a "...which means you can blah blah blah..." or "...and the benefits of this tool are..."

I typically add about 1/2 to 3/4 of the available extensions under "Blogging", "Downloading", "Privacy and Security", and "Web Developer Tools" categories. I now have a Purple Bunny in my browser chrome. I'm going to experiment with their Wizz RSS 2.0.4 feed reader.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


zafu said...

What? The link to FAQ's, forums, a chat helpline and much more is right there on the front page. As for promotion, look how far the browser has come on word of mouth alone... Plus, people who work on the project basically do it for free, as far as I know. Maybe the project could use a few marketing-savvy volunteers... Hint hint...

steven edward streight said...


Good idea, maybe I will volunteer my marketing expertise to the Mozilla folks.

Their copy is poorly written, incomplete, and not nearly exciting enough. Very blah and blase.

Mozilla homepage > Support > OSA

This is not a good navigation trail. In essence, users must actually leave the Mozilla website to obtain meaty info on Firefox.

"Support" is generally considered for actual customers, not for curious prospects. We think of service, repairs, help, questions answered, and add ons when we see the word "Support".

There is no clear, compelling, complete explanation of the benefits and superior features of Firefox.

Even in the "Support" page, which is disconcertingly at OSA Open Source Articles, a really weird name for a web site, there is only one meager paragraph explaining Firefox. Then you are dumped into "Installation", "Extensions", "Download Manager", and other topics for users, not prospects.

Thanks for reminding me that volunteers work for Mozilla. I will contact them soon, with my web usability and online marketing recommendations. They need serious help really bad.

Yes, word of mouth has helped spread the news, but that is so slow and erratic.