Friday, December 16, 2005

Donald Trump fails again

Donald Trump
fails again

The man who said "the best thing you can do for the poor is not become poor yourself"...

(I hope his doctor doesn't say "the best thing you can do for the sick is not become sick yourself")...

failed again last night on The Apprentice.

Donnie Trump showed a serious lack of leadership and critical thinking skills by hiring Randall instead of Rebecca. To make matters worse, Trump allowed a new hire to make a hiring decision: he asked Randall's opinion about hiring Rebecca also.

To be fair to Randall, this was not the kind of thing Randallshould have any input on. Over at a Television Without Pity forum, a comment poster said it's like asking the winner of the SuperBowl if the losing team should also get a trophy.

I remember when there was talk of a Co-Presidency of the USA, when an ex-VP said he'd run for presidential office with another politician only if there could be a "co-presidency", rather than president and vice president. I think it was Gerald Ford. A very dumb idea.

Like a typical idiot manager, Trump played the law of the jungle game, and let a bright, aggressive woman slip through his dubious fingers.

She's tough enough for New York, even on crutches.

Trump said Randall "leads through niceness". Another typical mistaken managerial evaluation. Randall was mean-spirited, paranoid, and bullying. He lied about how much he admired Rebecca, then reversed his "niceness" by saying "there's only one Apprentice, it's not the Apprenti", showing off his fancy 5 degree education with the Latin ending for the plural.

Having 5 college degrees doesn't mean you're smart or capable. Trump was wrong to say he was impressed with Randall's education. Many students cheat on exams, and book smarts is not necessarily life application wisdom. Educated fools abound. Genius high school drop-outs, too.

Trump has been fooled into thinking that Randall is nice and "leads by niceness". I see nothing really "nice" about him. His speech about the Autism charity was rank with the stench of insincere concern. He cares only about himself and his being The Apprentice.

Randall's disingenuous manner and his selfish ambition only make him look like a loser. He acted desperate when Trump asked his opinion of Rebecca. I thought he looked nervous, scared, and greedy as hell.

My original Law of Loser Levitation is proven once again.

On the bright side though, I know that people immediately, gradually, or eventually get what they deserve. I have great faith in the law of reciprocity or "karma", you reap what you sow. The real winners in life are not necessarily those who win the best job, best spouse, or best seat on the train.

Winning is measured by rules higher than that of the game itself. Winning is a state of mind that results in quality of life and richness of heart.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



zafu said...

Dear Steven,

You are the best.

Much respect,


steven edward streight said...

Why, Zafu, thank you very largely.

I looked at a David Gray CD at WalMart today.

You have a David Gray fan blog. What is his music like? I guess I should go to Barnes & Noble web site to hear some audio clips.

Having a miserable time trying to upload my CompuMusik mp3s to File Lodge, so I can post links to my music here on my blog.

Anybody have any suggestions on uploading iTunes mp3s of my own music from iTunes to File Lodge?

Zafufilia said...

David Gray is soft folk rock, just like the other sutff you mentioned earlier. A good musician and lyricist. Heartfelt, wears his heart on his sleeve (as a songwriter).

I am a fan of David Gray, though obviously my blog had nothing to do with him. I wanted a name. I had invented the word "flog" (in the sense of fan blog) and I felt like giving DG a little respect as thanks for his great music. So the name stuck.

Weirdly enough, my site became one of the biggest referrers to a popular music blog. I think it's because of the David Gray reference and the link I provide on my site to said mp3 blog. Or else it was magic.

Anyway, David is worth checking out. If you like Sufie (short for Sufjan), I think you'd like David. Although I must say, Sufie is truly, stratospherically extraordinary.

If you'd like to listen to David, I'd be happy to send you an mp3 for evaluation purposes.

I am not sure how file Lodge works, but don't you need an FTP program to upload stuff?

Zafufilia said...

I haven't heard David's new album though. My fave album of his is "White Ladder" and it's full of little gems of songs.

steven edward streight said...


Thanks for the info on David Gray. He must be popular, since WalMart has a lot of his CDs, and WalMart doesn't care much obscure music, though I did find Sufjan Stevens there, and the CD doesn't even have a bar code printed on the back CD cover, it has a sticker with the bar code printed on it.

Have you checked out the Asthmatic Kitty Records or Sounds Familyre sites?

File Lodge works much like my Full Digital Art exhibition in France, and like Blogger image uploading:

you "Browse" your own computer looking for the file you wish to upload, then click-select "Upload file".

My problem is that I can't be certain that an iTunes track is successfully converted to mp3, nor can I find the mp3 conversions in iTunes or my computer.

It's one of those things that I'm missing one tiny step, I think.

MARYBETH said...



steven edward streight said...

Randal's "leadership skills"? When? Not when he waffled about ordering extra tents in case of a rainstorm, as the rainstorm was arriving.

Not when he acted misanthropically defensive and territorially paranoid about the sole and exclusive title of "The Apprentice, not the Apprenti".

zafu said...

Actually, the plural of apprentice is simply apprentices. Randall must have been thinking phonetically that as alumnus has a plural alumni, apprentice has apprenti.

Too dumb to be clever. And I know a lot of people like that, who are actually kind of dumb but because they are cutthroat somehow rise to the top. Despicable.

steven edward streight said...

Yeah, I thought that was incorrect, but I shamefully forgot my high school Latin plural declensions and multipedic values.

zafu said...


Try this... I'm not sure if it works on Windows...

Right click (or CTRL-click) the song name in iTunes. You should see a drop-down menu that gives you an option to "Convert to MP3". Voila... That should do it. I hope.

steven edward streight said...

And remember: life is a lot more than just who wins a game.

Would you really want to work for Donnie Trump? In a failing casino in Atlantic City? Not me. Not in million trillion years. Rather be a humble farmer in a secluded log cabin in Wisconsin.

When bad people become rich, famous, popular, successful... only increases their responsibility to the public and to conscience.

Since they're bad people, they don't care much about the public, customers, underlings, poor, aged, crippled, widows, orphans, illiterate people, or children.

In other words and worlds, they only magnify their punishment.

The money and fame do not cause tranquility, self-assurance, or joy. Those and other positive qualities of life can only be acquired by deprivation, self-denial, immaterialism.

zaf said...

Well, hasn't it been a while since HS ;-) ?

zafu said...


Right click (or CTRL-click on Mac) the song name in iTunes. You should see a drop-down menu that gives you an option to "Convert to MP3". Voila... That should do it. I hope.

steven edward streight said...

Yeah, I got that far, that converting the WAV file to MP3.

But when I go to File Lodge to "Browse" and "Upload mp3 file", I cannot find the newly converted mp3 anywhere.

I can find all kinds of files that are mp3s that I legally freely uploaded from music sites, but not my mp3s of my music.

That's where I'm stuck.

zafu said...

Did you look in your iTunes music folder? That's where iTunes normally stores any music it deals with. That should be somewhere at the levelf of the (user specific, depending on your system) "Documents" folder in your filetree.

zaf said...

You can always search your harddrive for the names of your song files, to see where they've ended up.

Aishani said...


Randal made a smart business decision....anyone with a spirit for survival and good instinct for business would know that in the Business world whatever Randal did was Smart.

After all, where's the guarantee that if he would've said "yea, go ahead hire the lady" Trump wouldn't have said...."ok then, Rebecca you're hired and're hired"

its totally possible.

Besides Rebecca's smart, intelligent, knows her stuff, an excellent organizer and businessperson, she'll make it big, Trump or no Trump