Saturday, December 10, 2005

blog creativity and music

Strange and brilliant music inspires me as I blog, as I walk, and as I sleep. I see a strong connection between avant garde music and business innovation. But that's just my weird perspective on things.

Now, I read recently that between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a special time for the blogosphere: Goofy Goof Off Time.

Bloggers are busy partying, shopping, and visiting. If they post anything at all, it's bound to be silly frivolity, casual irrelevance, or dedicated non-sobriety.

Since I'm such a simpering conformist and spineless wimp, I certainly don't want to deviate from this fine blogospheric practice. Having no self-esteem, I desperately hunger for approval and acceptance. And you know how I love the status quo and tradition. Yeah, right.

All joking aside, I decided to depart radically from the blogospheric Goofy Goof Off Time. I decided to post feverishly, relentlessly to my own blogs, and to post tons of comments at blogs I like. Just to see what might happen.

So, in keeping with the spirit of the season, here are some festive photos of *Just a Few Bands I Enjoy*. I provide these photos to add a little variety to the little blog, to make you smile and/or laugh, and to inspire you to be creative and innovative.

Let's start with the weirdest first. And that would be...

CAROLINER (Yes, this really *is* what they look like performing on stage. See? In there, somewhere in all those splashy, gaudy color formations? That's them. The most innovative and weird band I've ever heard. They think they're living in the 1800s. That's okay with me. They sing songs about sewing their elaborate costumes, and milk pails on the trail.)

If you can find any CAROLINER or CAROLINER RAINBOW albums, buy them. They are nothing like anything you ever heard. Psychedelic noise folk dirge banjo Civil War prophetic Wisconsin cow music.

My friend and video director for my music projects, Gary, has all 18 of their albums, plus a video of them in concert. Bennett has 18 Deerhoof albums (ex-Caroliner members, with female vocals, like Jethro Tull and Stereolab combined.)

Watching a concert video is a dizzying, exhaustingly nice experience. You see shifting color confabulations, a stray banjo or drum stick, then a blur of pulsating color confusions, blobs of brilliant hues undulating, certain limbs of bright swirls seem to rock up and down, I guess those are the stringed instrument players, or a robot trying to kill them as they play, who knows?

Too bizarre, even my most extreme music videos of Streight Sounds never got this insane visually.


I have only "The Moon and Antarctica" CD (see blue CD cover below), plus the Amazon dowload "Worms vs. Birds" song by MoMo, but these guys are really cool. Remind me of a stringent Pavement, with some Pixies angst tossed in for good measure. They sing about bosses, BS, and the universe (in that order).

And finally, for now anyway, STEREOLAB. I started listening to this band back when the album "Mars Audiac Quintet" CD was released. I purchased the "Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements" CD first, then "Mars", then "Switched On Vol. 1", then everything I could find. I have just about everything now. They seem to be getting better again, so go buy some STEREOLAB for the holidays. "Margarine Eclipse" (see orange CD cover below) or "Oscillons of the Anti-Sun" would be a good start.


Jonas Haurum said...

"and as I sleep"

What music are you listening to when you're asleep? I'm listening to "Super brain power" by Dane Spotts, but i'm looking for variation given that routine can't catalyze innovation.
I'm really gonna need some hard-hitting anaesthetic-music tonight as i dropped my bed into the garbage bin earlier today - just to increase the simplicity of my home. (i'll bet that i can enjoy the floor).

steven edward streight said...

"Strange and brilliant music inspires me as I blog, as I walk, and as I sleep."

I dream of knives and tornadoes coming at me. Everybody knows bodily what that bodes.

I don't listen to anything but assorted silences as I sleep. Why introduce unknown viscosities (via radio or TV broadcast receptors) or known intolerabilities (via music playback systems) into a domain of mind that is semi or sub conscious, when the rigorous calculations of value and implication cannot be made?

A Super Spartan Blogger, I see. I see very clearly now.

Anonymous said...

Great indie band out of Ga
"Nobody's Strange in LaGrange"
The Unthinkable