Monday, December 19, 2005

bad problem with Technorati Shop

bad problem with
Technorati Shop

Technorati, a blog tracking service that I happen to like, has made some serious mistakes in their new Technorati Shop, as announced in a post at Technorati blog.

The store sells "schwag" or advertising promo products: ball caps, coffee mugs, tee shirts, mousepads, tote bags, etc.

What did they do wrong?

Check out the Technorati Shop and the items they're selling, and see for yourself the mistake they're making. From my long experience in direct marketing, print advertising, and online promotions, I see this as a really huge problem.

I post this not to disgrace them, but to try to help.

The average person may not see it immediately.

What's Wrong: there is just the company name "Technorati" on the promo items.

No URL to their site. No tag line, slogan, or description of the company. No land address. No personality, no image of Dave Sifry, to make it seem warm, friendly, and as bloggy as they really are. Just a logo and a company name. Clean, but ineffective.

"Technorati: blog tracking and blogospheric reports" is not very exciting, I admit, but it sure is better than nothing. At least even non-bloggers will have some idea of what Technorati is and does.

This is sad. All the promo items are basically a waste. While I hope Santa stuffs some of these items in a stocking for me, they don't promote Technorati like they should.

Oh, sure, if you wore a Technorati tee shirt to a blogger conference, probably every single person there would know what Technorati is. The simple logo would be sufficient, understated, elegant.

But you don't need to reach those who already know you. You want to promote Technorati to the new bloggers who don't yet know all the tools and service available to bloggers. You want non-bloggers to know what Technorati is.

Whatever Technorati is famous for, whatever you want people to remember about you, is what you should have put on at least some, if not all, these items. A simple, clean, elegant logo does absolutely nothing from a marketing viewpoint. Marketing must be aggressive in the fast-moving, meme-disseminating internet realm, especially when it comes to the blogosphere.

The only time a plain logo on a tee shirt is good is when the employee soft ball team is wearing them. In that case, you just want the employees to be identified with the company.

Why be mysterious Dave?

Next time, pop an email at me for suggestions on powerful, effective marketing. You deserve the best.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



zafu said...

Anarchy, anarchy, anarchy! We don't need no stinking Technorati. Stop organizing, begin to express. Destroy conglomerates of every ilk. Nothing is cool. You aren't cool. Neither am I. Make your own t-shirts and I'll admire you more. Leave all pretensions in the dirt! Draw! Paint! Sing! Blaze your own trail. One day soon everything will be dust. Technorati is nothing but Donald Trump in his salad days (I know he was born rich, but you know what I mean).

steven edward streight said...

the dis is the non

zafu said...

nor gummy :)