Saturday, December 31, 2005

assorted sound confusions CD

Step right up, forks.

My second official LP recording as Steven Streight CompuMusik, entitled "assorted sound confusions" is now finished and ready to ship.

Steven Strei ass so usions"
ready to invade any sound system and make it stretch in new and bizarre ways.

Steven Streight CompuMusik
"assorted sound confusions"

(1) button to the stars (5:45)

(2) bubblegum breakbeatnik (5:31)

(3) multiphonic focal point (10:09)

(4) this is me 1 (5:59)

(5) they psycho-pharmacate (8:59)

(6) dynamic immaterialism (6:59)

(7) bubblegum breakbeatnik (riot mix) (6:22)

(8) 7 satellites (5:06)

(9) this is me 2 (5:40)

(10) desert monk meditation (7:15)

(11) new dimension disco (radio mix) (7:48)

Probably stranger than my previous album, more pop surrealism for dancehall ghost vibes. Made with an Audacity audio editor. Internet enabled digital computer music from Peoria, Illinois and Mars.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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