Thursday, December 01, 2005

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An hour ago, I walked to the record store, and bought a CD by avant garde rock-folk band


"The Moon and Antarctica"

Expanded and Remastered Edition 4 previously unreleased tracks recorded at the BBC Radio Sessions.

Modest Mouse reminds me a little of Pavement. Their CD cost me only $11.78 and has 19 songs total. Good deal, and great Internet Underground sound.]

Here are some of the free and legal music tracks I'm putting on my "Best of the Net" playlists for the holiday festivities. Snow blanketed the ground this morning as I slept.

Type in these song titles or artist names, in Amazon dot com "Search Music Downloads".

Music Downloads, not just Music.

Also see the Matador, Puzzling Recordings, Weirdo Music, and Comfort Stand net label offerings, free and legal and far better than RIAA product.

Here is what I feel are the songs that are forming the Internet Music Underground. There is one particular musical style that seems to be hugely popular and endearing: a Beatle-esque melodic drive, with Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Brian Wilson, Sun Ra, Soft Machine, Roxy Music, Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd influences, electronic flourishes, even noise and "music concrete" (natural sounds manipulated electronically, or raw sonic material as found).

What I'd call a soft punk, folk electro rock, or "euphorock" (euphoria inducing). Clever lyrics, sometimes gentle, sometimes triumphant or aggressive music, songs for the mind and it's mysterious pleasure zones.

Bands that exemplify this trend are the innovators Soft Boys, Only Ones, Perfect Strangers, The Gist, Young Marble Giants, Pavement, They Might Be Giants, Half Japanese, R. Stevie Moore, Television Personalities, The Residents, Recommended Records artists, It's War Boys collective, Stereolab, High Llamas, Vulgar Boatmen, The High, Elephant Six Collective (Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.), Thinking Fellers Union, The Sixths, Magnetic Fields, etc.

Check out these outstanding tunes, mostly from amazon dot com, but a few Matador, etc. sprinkled in also:

STARLIGHT MINTS "Submarine #3", "Sir Prize"

A.C. NEWMAN "Drink To Me Babe Then"

MODEST MOUSE "Worms vs. Birds"

MOUNTAIN GOATS "Palmcorder Yajna" [DELETED: they are satanists, so screw them.]

INTERPOL "NYC" [New York Cares]


BRAVE COMBO "Double Vision" (yes, a cover!)

DEBUTANTES "Telephone"

THE ARCADE FIRE "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)"

COASTAL "Halfway to You", "Northern", "Eternal", "Her Reflection in Chrome"

GANG OF FOUR "What We All Want"

M. WARD "So Much Water", "Carolina"


GEOFF BYRD "Plasti-Queens" (anti-breast implant song!)

DAVID OLNEY "Roses", "Deeper Well", "Women Across the River"


DECEMBERISTS "The Engine Driver"

THE MICROPHONES "The Moon", "The Pull", "I'll Be in the Air"

CHOCOLATE USA "My Cherry Bomb", "The Feelies Show", "All Jets are Gonna Fall Today", "Bookbag"

SOFT BOYS "Insanely Jealous", "Mr. Kennedy"

MAGNETIC FIELDS "If I Were a Rich Man"

PAVEMENT "Spit on a Stranger"

DEAD MEADOW "At Her Open Door"

STEPHEN MALKMUS "Baby C'mon", "The Hook"

RAINER MARIA "Artificial Light", "The Double Life", "Rain Yr Hand", "Atlantic"

VOYAGER ONE "Asleep in a Stereo Field", "Poisoner's Waltz"


THE WEAKERTHANS "Plea from a Cat Named Virtue"

STEPHEN MALKMUS (of PAVEMENT) and THE JICKS "Do Not Feed the Oysters"


ILLINOISE (SUFJAN STEVENS) "Man of Metropolis Steals our Hearts"

GUIDED BY VOICES "I'll Replace You With Machines"


IMAGINARY MAPS "California You"

FAIRGROVE "If You Were the Landscape"

SNOW MACHINE "Camel Lites"


THE ILLITERATI "Be My Echo", "Car"

CLEM SNIDE "Nick Drake Tape", "Fill Me With Your Light"

BRIGHT EYES "Take It Easy", "Gold Mine Gutted", "Another Travelin' Song"

THE CHOIR "She's Alright"

MY MORNING JACKET "Off the Record"

APOLLO SUNSHINE "Today is the Day", "Eyes"

THE STRANGE "Lucy is a Puzzle"

MOBIUS BAND "The Loving Sounds of Static"

LO-FI SCORPIO "Black Karma"


SEACHANGE "Seven Calls"

CRAIG BENNETT "The Coffee Poet Cracked"

BIG GREEN "Strange Christmas"

THE HALO BENDERS "Virginia Reel Around the Fountain"


VCR "Bratcore"

ROCKET PARK "Yesterday"


MONO PUFF "Backstabbing Liar"

NUCLEAR FOREHEAD "Nuclear Forehead", "Spontaneous Human Combustion"

14 YEAR OLD GIRLS "Tomb Raider UK Pop"

DESCENDENTS "Everything Sucks"


THE HIVES "Hate To Say I Told You So"

DOWN BY LAW "Flower Tattoo", "Big Country", "Hit or Miss"

SLEATER-KINNEY "All Hands on the Bad One"

SOLEX "Athens, OH"


HAJB THE MAD POET "Walk for Peace" (Dylan-esque)


HEFNER "When the Angels Play Their Drum Machines"

HALF JAPANESE "Should I Tell Her?"

IMAGINARY FRIENDS "Give Into the Rain"

MOLLYCODDLE "Cosmic Dancer" (Marc Bolan/TRex song), "Love Is"


THE YEARLINGS "Priyadina", "Opal is Sad", "Girl with the Saddest Smile", "Moving to Boston", "Carisse Hasn't Written"

ARCO "Lie"

PAVED COUNTRY "I Wish Our Love Was New"

QUEEN TANGERINE "A Ride in the Country", "Dora Maar"

CHASTON & GRODITSKI "We Burned the Christmas Tree", "Dupa Dupa Toilet Bowl", "Be A Rugged Hoarhadee"

BOB HATE "Gas Giants" (country)

BLUEGRASS POLICE "Doghouse Again", "On Patrol", "Stamp Like Elvis", "Bar-B-Que"

TOXIC SLOTHS "Have You Smoked Cottage Cheese"


STAR ROOM BOYS "White Lies, Blue Tears"

MARY TIMONY "Blood Moon"

SCIENCE PARK "Lay You Out in Lavendar"

TON RUCKERT "Velvetman"

CROSLEY "Stupid Romantic"

THE MIRROR REVEALS "This Infinite Eye", "Waves"

JUUNE "Don't Walk Away"

NEW MACHINE "A Thousand Lies", "New Horizon", "Blood in the Ocean"


OLD 97s "The New Kid"

PAPER AIRPLANE PILOTS "Shes Magnetic", "Shes a Liquid", "Are You in Tune?", "Raspberry Pie", "Olivia"

BECK "He's a Mighty Good Leader"

SKUNK "Let It Go"

CURSIVE "Art is Hard"

..and many more.

Some nice electro-groove techno type music: I'll list them in a separate post, if I get the time and energy.

NOW, it's Your Turn...

Make your own discoveries at amazon dot com "search music downloads".

Post a comment here, to share them, to let others know what you found, and please include: what search words you used.

I've used such words as "astro", "computer", "angel", "robot", "moon", "farmer", "electricity", "mountain", "buddha", "chocolate", "vanilla", "art", "mirror" to discover many of the tracks listed above, plus names of bands I already know are good.

Type in random words and see what happens. You could be pleasantly amazed.

The amazon dot com "search music downloads" function behaves somewhat like a game.

It's actually justFun Interaction with a Benevolent Web Site (amazon) and a Desktop App (iTunes), an ease and efficiency that all online promoters should strive to emulate. Fun, easy, simple, high usability, maximum user satisfaction and solution provision.

I'm doing a study of music download sites, free, safe, non-malware, legal sites. You can help by sharing your experiences, good and bad, at such high quality sites. I'll give you credit and quote you in the book I publish on certain internet topics.

Don't forget the other fine sonic offerings at Comfort Stand, Weirdo Music, Schott-International, Puzzling Recordings, Canadian Electro-acoustic Community (synthesizer/computer music with music concrete, aka natural sound/tape/sampler manipulation), Free Sample Zone (Chenard Walcker), Ubu Web (beat poets, early electro, and music by artists), etc. that I have links for in this blog's sidebar, which I need to update again.

Next up at VTG: concerns about a web site, from a client meeting a few days ago.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Harvey Dog said...

Your post certainly has given me a lot of new bands and musicians to explore. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

steven edward streight said...

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