Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why I love Geek [dot] com Message Parlor

Why I love Geek [dot] com Message Parlor

(see my link to it in my sidebar).

I used to go to the Geek [dot] com Message Parlor almost every day when I was struggling to quickly understand such things as converting StarOffice documents to Rich Text Format, what certain error messages meant, CD burning, and many other computer and network issues.

The hardcore geeks there are super nice, very smart, and fast in answering questions.

Oddly enough, there is very little debate. When a seasoned geek answers a question, there is usually, in my personal experience, no arguing by other geeks. In other words, they tend to state what is relatively solid information, no guesswork or vague opinions.

At Geek [dot] com Message Parlor, I learned, by observation, not to "double post" a question. In other words, you don't post the same exact question at multiple spots within the Message Parlor (e.g., under Hardware, OS, Geek Support, Tech, etc.)

Boy, they really rip into any fool who commits netiquette violations, or tries to spam them, or any other nonsense.

Now I've recently hit some dead ends in my computer expertise, and needed some friendly advice. So I re-registered under "vaspers" (in the past I was "styvin"), and have posted a couple questions recently.

That's the wonderful value of email discussion lists and online forums. You have a "virtual advisory staff" that can get you out of jams and save your sanity when you're at your wits end and pulling your hair out.

Have you ever wished you had a good friend who was a computer whiz? Now you can have a whole crew to assist you, at Geek [dot] com Message Parlor, and other forums you may discover.

Here's an example of last night's question to them, and how Raybay promptly responded.



What does this mean:

"Realtek [alphanumerics] Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC network cable unplugged"???

Everything seems to be working okay.

I recently switched from MSN dial up to Insight Cable broadband internet connection.

I see that I also have a message "Internet Explorer [unplugged, or deactivated, or something...sorry, I forget, it's late at night]"

I use Firefox, of course.

Windows XP service pack 1 [not 2]

Thanks for helping me understand this message.

RAYBAY Responds:

Master Geek
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Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 - 7:28 am:

Unless you have a very old computer, such as an HP Pavilion that has instructions against SP2, you should download it. First go to your computer manufacturer web site and download updated BIOS, and all drivers, and have them handy by burning to a CD.

Connect to Internet Explorer, then Upgrade to SP2, then, using Internet Explorer, connect to Microsoft Updates to get your system up-to-date.

Fully delete MSN in the Control Panel Add or Remove section.

The Realtek error is showing that your NIC is not properly connected. This could be an earlier error that corrects itself as it finds the RealTek drivers.

You have been using something that requires Internet Explorer, and detects that IE is not your default browser.

You can expect more and more troubles as long as you avoid SP2, because Microsoft is very determined to get everybody on it. They will not do contracts with firms that do not require it.


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