Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why blogosphere is destroying MSM

Why blogosphere
is destroying MSM

Due to the freedom, universality, and selective channeling of blogs, the Morbid Stream Media, traditional journalism, is dying and nearly dead.

We bloggers are helping to disrupt and destroy a largely worthless, manipulative, and insincere unilateral propaganda-media system.

I don't claim the blogosphere is completely perfect, innocent, holy, genius, creative, ethical, or accurate. It has imperfections, like all other media, including word of mouth and thought.

Thought is a communication channel, and I don't mean telepathy. Thought expresses and communicates via the body, actions, dress, attitudes, etc. Then, there's that uncanny, irrational fact that if you stare at the back of someone's head, and think thoughts, mentally project sentences, that are personally directed to the target, the target will almost always turn to look at you.

From thoughts and word of mouth, to television and blogs, no communication channel is totally pure, entirely trustworthy, or invincible to corruption.

But some are easier to selectively navigate and voluntarily tune out than others.

If you lose respect for a television network, you used to have only two others to choose from. Then cable arrived, giving us more options. At this point, C-SPAN is my favorite MSM television news provider. I like that there is little or no commentary on many of C-SPAN news programs. You are presented with what is happening, sometimes as it happens, with few interruptions or opinions.

Alternate sources of news and information have always existed, from mystical Tibetan whisper-transmissions to ham radios and study hall love notes passed under school desks.

What's big news right now is that we are seeing a mass exodus from traditional channels and an upsurge of curiosity and eventual loyalty toward the new channels.

Advertisers are pulling out of conventional media, and have been steadily more disappointed in ROI through them.

The public awareness of corruption, arrogance, and deliberate falsehoods within the mainstream media reached a peak during RatherGate, when a media fool went down for good, in shame and unrepentant hubris.

If a specific blog loses your interest or trust, you can easily move on to some other blog. You never again have to even accidentally hear from that other blog, unless the blog author posts a comment at the blog you now favor.

With just three or even three thousand television channels, you may eventually get disgusted with all of them eventually. Good luck starting your own television broadcast, at least in the old media configuration.

In the blogosphere, if you dislike all blogs you ever visited, you can easily and freely start your own blog. You can do your own research, state your own opinion, provide facts and source links, and allow readers to voice their own ideas, too.

This is new. This is radical. This is the Blog Revolution.

Don't let any MSM butt kissers, greedy for their own financial gain via the MSM, try to talk you out of what's really happening.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I absolutely 100% agree with you. MSM is scared. Politicians are looking into banning the blog, worried that we can no longer be brain washed by way of television news sources. But blogs will never be banned as they are indirectly guaranteed in our first amendment rights. Freedom of speech and the rigtht to peacably assemble in a public forum, albeit a public forum in this case of another media. We, the blogheads of America will continue to be curious. We will continue to talk about whatever we see fit. We will continue to spew truth, lies, opinions, facts, statements, falsehoods, trash, politics, religion, feelings, thoughts, and nonsensical rage as we see fit. No one can stop us. No one.

Signed, this the 10th day of November, 2005,

Disgruntled Car Salesman

steven edward streight said...

If they're weren't such ivory tower bigoted racist arrogant gloomsayers, I would tread a wee bit more softly on the issue.

With their sheer folly, bia, negative slants, phony frowning faces, refusal to admit error or bad judgement, and their heavy-handed amoral idiocy, they deserve all the hate we can muster.

I never say the MSM is liberal. What I say is they are deliberately negative, and the Really Liberal, the Marxist insight into this, if you want to see it that way, is that making Americans worry is good for businesess.

MSM > Fear, Worry, Gloom > Increased Sales of Alcohol, Pain Killers, Sleeping Pills, plus materialistic trinkets.

The MSM is not mainstream. It should be called TSM Traditional Style Media, or as I call it: Morbid Stream Media.

They are very far from mainstream anything.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Mainstream, downstream, whatever you will. I have other sources to satisfy my need for information.

steven edward streight said...

Yes, and most Americans now get their news, weather, sports, etc. information from the internet, and not the MSM.

The internet is a wild realm like the wild west of America 1800s or Australia.

Instead of six shooters and rifles, our weapons are blogs, blog comments, email, boycotts, swarm campaigns.

It looks like Sony BMG is dangerous and must be boycotted, due to excessive DRM (digital rights management) covert malware-like code in their flippin' audio CDs.

Some companies want to destroy your computer if you don't play by their greedy selfish rules.

I'm about to move forward in attack mode on a few things. It won't be pretty. And I barely have the time or energy, but it has to be done.

Anyone reading this comment: please investigate on your own the charges against Sony BMG and what they load their CDs with.