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Vasperizing the Fortune blog sidebar

Vasperizing the
Fortune blog sidebar

Let's explore the sidebar of the new Fortune blog: "Business Innovation".

[EDIT UPDATE: This Fortune blog links back to this article, but when I tried to post a comment thanking them, and expressing my appreciation for them linking to a post that is not entirely complimentary...

...their comment function doesn't seem to work. I clicked on "0 comments", but no comment form appeared.

Is their comment form broken, dysfunctional? A major problem, and a blow against credibility. But hey, it's a new blog, and Fortune's not a bad magazine. Maybe they can fix these problems soon.]

[QUOTE--with VASPERS commentary bracketed and in red]


This weblog is a companion to this year's FORTUNE Innovation Forum to be held November 30-December 1 in New York City.

[VASPERS: This is not a normal business blog, it's an Event Blog, or a Pre-Event Blog.]

Inspired by the exciting lineup of speakers and discussion topics for this event, this weblog will showcase interesting interviews, case studies and commentary on the theme of "business innovation”.

[VASPERS: What does it mean for a blog to be "inspired by" an "exciting lineup of speakers and discussion topics" in an event that has not yet happened? Would it be better if the blog were inspired by what the Fortune editors understand about the needs and interests of their audience?

I wish there were more specifics, names or industries or product types -- "exciting", "interesting" are very weak words, and "business innovation" is extremely broad and vague. Even words like "exclusive", "rare", "in-depth", or "pioneering" might be slightly better. The copywriter needs to know specifics to be able to abstract the various qualities, without giving away all the secrets and surprises.

Examples are the best approach. Fortune could think of some exclusive interviews, case studies, and commentary they plan to feature, or say they'll be similar to some well-known, celebrated articles they've done in the past.

What are the hot businesses, besides bio-tech, security, and disaster response? Who are the hot innovators, from Fortune's point of view? Fortune could even hire me to invent neologisms for them, to add some emergent buzzwording to the event, mystifying and misguiding their competitors. You can sound specific, or novel, without giving away the whole shebang. ]

Each week we will showcase various factors impacting innovation - competition, customer experience, intellectual property, and design.

[VASPERS: Specifying "competition", "customer experience", "intellectual property", and "design" as various factors impacting innovation...are these really having the most impact on innovation?

What about rising medical costs and insurance coverage, offshore outsourcing, usability, scalability, accessibility, global political shifts (especially in the Middle East), the rise of the Asian markets, the decline of American industry, the new communications channels via the internet, including blogs, wikis, VOIP, podcasting?]

The tagline for this year's FORTUNE Innovation Forum is "Innovation is Everybody's Business," and this weblog is for anyone who is passionate about innovation.

[VASPERS: I hope corporations ponder the fact that innovation really is everybody's business, since every employee can have good ideas for improvements. Unfortunately, innovation, in the real business world, is shunned, persecuted, and resisted.

In fact, the most important aspect of innovation is the fact that it creates enemies, anxiety, and madness. Paranoia sweeps through corporations when innovation, or the seeking for innovative ideas, enters the picture. Comfort zones and routines are threatened, as are some key positions.
Innovations: all businesses think they want them, most employees are too lazy, unimaginative, or weak in team spirit to accept them. Innovation means thinking, changing, doing more work, learning new systems, documenting strange procedures, and shouldering added responsibilities.

Will these issues be addressed?]


Editor: Dominic Basulto
Publisher: Marc Schiller



Case studies
Innovation trends
Product Innovation
Strategic Viewpoints
Studies and Reports
factoids and observations


[VASPERS: A baby blog, barely 8 weeks old.]

Nov 27, 2005
Nov 20, 2005
Nov 13, 2005
Nov 6, 2005
Oct 30, 2005
Oct 23, 2005
Oct 16, 2005
Oct 9, 2005

Recent Entries

[VASPERS: The topic titles, or post heads, are strangely lacking in pizzazz, not web friendly. They convey too little information, and are worded ineffectively. Notice how the titles are vague, teaser, hoping to intrigue readers with mystery.

Blog readers don't have time to play language games. They skim, scan, scoot. If an article's title doesn't clearly promise to be a relevant or beneficial topic, the reader will bypass it, eventually leaving the site to visit another blog.

If you asked me what I guessed each article was about, I'd have to admit my not being able to auger it. These titles compare poorly with the post titles of the average business, marcom, or product blog.]

"The Internet has made innovation possible in places and ways that were never feasible before"

Everything matters: Douglas Rushkoff on a new imperative for business

Do open source business models really lead to innovation?

Alpha companies and beta products

The creative class doesn't matter

Communiology: helping pharmaceutical companies map their relationships with customers and partners

[VASPERS: As if pharmas weren't creepy enough, they now use the gloomy word "communiology" for some new trick to squeeze more money out of consumers, who often pay $300 for a bottle of medicine, for which the pharmacist paid only $10.]

Open source business model winner: Contest #3

Goodness, Outside and In: Douglas Rushkoff Contest #4

What happens when good technology meets bad business?

An innovation commons in Vancouver

The blogroll ("links") of Business Innovation consists of:


Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Tom Peters

Geoffrey Moore

Clayton Christensen

John Hagel

John Seely Brown

Creating Blue Oceans



Future Tense

Virginia Postrel

Innovation Challenge

strategy + business

Seth Godin

Don Dodge

Evelyn Rodriguez


Jory Des Jardins

The Daily Innovator

Don the Idea Guy

Shel Holtz

Gautam Ghosh

Pasta and Vinegar

How to Save the World

Business Opportunities

Smart Economy


Brand Builder

Idea Sandbox

Jim Carroll

Open Business

Innovation Weblog

Zane Safrit

Diva Marketing

Putting People First

Innovate on Purpose

[VASPERS: Don't worry, you'll never see VTG on any conventional business blog's blogroll. I'm far too radical, controversial, and confrontational. Or I don't deal with the topics they focus on.]

Books the blog is promoting in their "Bookshelf" sidebar list are:

Democratizing Innovation

The Only Sustainable Edge

Blue Ocean Strategy

Creative Destruction

Out of Our Minds

The Source of Success

Brand New

The Monk and the Riddle

Under a sidebar category they call "Etc", we find:

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