Thursday, November 03, 2005

Transformational Blogging

Transformational Blogging

Something happens to you when you start a blog.

You become a "blogger", you join the ranks of the blogosphere.

As a new blogger, you should learn the history of blogs. Discover what the early pioneers were like, what blogs began as, and what experts say about effective blogging techniques, and blogging's future.

There is plain, simple, boring blogging.

There is also Activist Blogging, Cause Blogging, Comedy Blogging, Popular Personal Blogging, Event Blogging, Journalistic Blogging, Marketing Blogging, Science Blogging, Project Collaboration Blogging, and Social Blogging.

And then there's the ultimate: Transformational Blogging.

Just having a blog and blabbering, about whatever, on it is no big accomplishment.

You don't gain anything by simply "having a blog".

Not self expression.

You do that all the time everywhere, express yourself, or what you think is your "self". You don't need a blog to do that. You express yourself in your clothing, speech, relationships, hairstyle, music tastes, even the restaurants you visit and the movies you avoid watching.

How much is true self, and how much is just societal conditioning? Often our behavior and thinking is more reflex action of habit and entrenched patterns. The self lies deeper than all that, yet how rarely do we glimpse it.

Not belonging to something.

A blog puts you into the blogosphere, but that's all. Just a location on the web. You have to make the effort to link to other blogs, read other blogs, post comments on other blogs, email other bloggers, and other acts that make you a full fledged participant, a proper and respected "hardcore blogger".

Not a new skill set.

You can be mediocre by just selecting a pre-designed blog template, adding some RSS feed options, and leave it at that. Perhaps you wish to focus entirely on your brilliant posts. Well, your writing may improve, and your thinking, but why not learn a little about new skills: HTML, CSS, web design, add-ons, forms, functionalities, Javascript? You have to make the effort to acquire and implement new blogistic skills.

When Blogging is Transformational

You will transform yourself, the blogosphere, and the world, if you deliberately take actions in new directions.

Transformation in the progressive, positive sense means enhancing, improving, growing, expanding, greater understanding, fulfillment, happiness at having accomplished something good.

Transformational Blogging is your decision to actively seek improvement in blog-related skills, and expansion of blog-related experiences.

Benefits of Transformational Blogging:

* better writing
* improved thinking
* deeper pondering
* profounder contemplating
* increased social networking
* enhanced computing skills
* greater influence on blogosphere
* larger impact on real world
* bolstered self confidence
* more intense passion for topics
* kinder feelings for suffering entities
* smarter reasoning
* faster mental responses
* tougher, stronger dedication to goals
* happier existence in this short life

Are you a

What are you doing to qualify as a Transformational Blogger?

Are you trying to improve your blogging skills?

Are you learning web design, web usability, programming, networking?

Are you sharing your skills and knowledge with readers of your blog?

Are you attempting to interact with your blog readers, by asking them questions, by encouraging them to express their opinions?

Are you serious about changing the world?

Are you devoted to the good of humanity and moral evolution?

Are you studying other good blogs?

Are you posting comments at other blogs, to encourage your fellow bloggers?

Get some action and be a Transformational!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



carrie said...

i know i'm aiming for something
it feels like i have a purpose in bloggging. but i'm not sure exactly what that purpose is.

let me think....

i want to express creativity and originality, while unwittingly provoking the interest of innocent passers-by-- then occasionally give them a little surprising something to think about... sometimes even surprising myself. i try to keep it seeming effortless but it's not totally random....

i do hope that my blog makes people think something like, "hey... this person is kind of like me.

what do you think about that?

carrie said...

horrible grammar!

see, i'm very self-critical and that is why i try not to type too much cuz then ppl will figure me out!!!

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: I greatly admire how you write brief posts that switch gears and float effortlessly from topic to topic, often from one sentence to the next.

Sometimes it seems that the five sentences in one of your typical blog posts will deal with five separate issues.

Yet, somehow, it hangs together, not seeming chaotic or ditzy or confused.

It is so unlike my elaborate progressive expansion of a seed idea, that I find it stimulating and refreshing.

carrie said...

good. i'm glad.

steven edward streight said...

We take the world as we find it, then we try to change most of it, and what we can't change, we take into ourselves and change it there, as others stop and stare.

I'm enjoying the talented helium voiced Pee-Bug, a weird music band whose albums "Witch Pizza Going Sally" and "The Reckoning" may be downloaded for free at Comfort Stand (see my sidebar link to that net label site).