Thursday, November 17, 2005

theory of blogocombat

theory of

Blogocombat occurs primarily in blog posts and in comments posted at other blogs. Thus, there are two distinct methodologies for clobbering opponents in online debate. But their spheres of activity often overlap, and one may even disguise itself as the other. For example, it is no extraordinary leap of feat for a blog post to disguise itself as a comment at someone else's blog. Your remarks are relevant, not spam, not containing any URLs, not self-promotional, yet you advance an idea in full force, as you would ordinarily do in a post at your own blog, which you may have already done. From this and other vantage points, you proceed to advance an idea, original buzzword, or neologism (e.g., my terms "blogocombat", "bloatosphere", "clinking", "blooging", "universal blog mantra", "nine blog core values", "reverse journaling", "apostrophica", "reciprocal commenting", "cold kicking", "site narcissism", "hypertext content spam", "morbid stream media", "chuggle", "blogoscopic", "bloggeries", "blogistics", "blurker", etc.), inserting it all over the blogosphere, at every blog you visit, in multitudes of comments, pushing the thought into blogger and reader consciousness, seeding their minds with your sparks. You then run forward mightily to face and sneer down any opposing clamor that has the gall to dare contradict you. Armed with triumphalist vigor, sometimes enhanced by anger or disgust, you thoroughly and cheerfully, with benevolent mindfulness, establish the inevitable validity of your inspired point of view and cause a gentle forgetfulness toward your opponent's doctrine.

You change the mental content of the blogosphere by causing your neologisms to be accepted, consciously or unconsciously, by the blogosphere, until the river of thought flows in new directions, your directions, uninterruptedly, universally. After helping your neologisms to obtain a foothold, a sure-shoed footing in a slippery realm, you then turn your time and attention toward improving your own blog.

The exemplary blog acts as a continuous series of explosions to wake up the heart of the cosmic text generation machine, from which we dangle and tangle, suspended like puppets over a stage of action that we cannot seek and of which we cannot speak.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I've heard that Triumphalist Bloggers are the best blogcombat-ants. Is this true?

Heh, yeah, I'd like to think that this very passionate triumphalist blogger is unmatched in the realm of blogocombat.

Now if that last line isn't triumphalist, I don't know what is.

'Nuf Said!

steven edward streight said...

I deliberately use the term "triumphalism" because blog enemies accuse us of that. So I rub their faces in their own terminlogy, elevating the word, dignifying it.

I have made grown men growl and throw hissy fits.

Especially a reporter from The Guardian, who even called me "lower than a prison punk, which is the lowest of the low". I think his boss may have told him to ask the blogger to delete his unseemly comments against me, which were many.

I had a web developer/designer argue hatefully with me because I said that another member of the email discussion list had a wrong idea about some aspect of blogs.

He defended her and attacked me aggressively, in a discussion list. I for some reason had to assert my "credibility" and quoted so many things, like the Consumer Reports WebWatch thing in my sidebar, that in short order, he wilted.

steven edward streight said...

I ripped upwards of 40 posts, by myself, and by bloggers I invited to post or allow me to raid their archives and re-publish some articles, at a group academic/business blog, that Paul Woodhouse The Tinbasher and I were contributing editors of. He was also a co-founder. Blogthenticity, out of Auburn University.

Guest Contributors I rounded up included Evan Williams, Cory Doctorow, Hugh Mcleod, Christopher Locke, Perry de Havilland, Debbie Weil, and Bennett Theissen, lead singer of my noise band CAMOUFLAGE DANSE, blog hater extraordinaire.

Long story. Too tired to tell it. Ask Paul about it.

steven edward streight said...

I neglected to clarify:

I ripped over 40 posts, 75% of the entire blog, OUT OF the Blogthenticity blog, due to the other co-founder saying I had "overwhelmed and taken over" his precious little piece of crap junk blog.

I even got Doc Searls to visit and post something on his blog about us.

I wiped up off. That's extreme blogocombat. The co-founder started noticing missing posts when I was about 95% done. By the time he realized what had happened, it was too late to revoke my admin privs.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I JUST found and have been on there debunking ludicrous posts and post-ers. If they want to get in the ring of my business, they better get their facts straight to square off with me. Otherwise it will be a quick "two hit" fight. Me hitting them, and them hitting the mat.

'Nuf Said!

steven edward streight said...

Good one, Disgrunt.

It reminds me of my many battles, early in my web usability career, with arrogant anti-usability, ant-Jakob Nielsen, anti-"arbitrary rules" web designers.

I'd innocently mention some proven, user observation derived principle, like "no pre-checked option boxes" (which takes control away from user)...

...and I'd catch a hundred kinds of hell from ignorant punk-farmer web designers--who cared very little for the end user of the web site, and more for being considered "wild", "non-conformist" (not conforming to logic, user expectations, common sense), or "free to create any random thing".

If people have to actually use, and not just gaze in adoration for, an item, it had better be user-friendly, reliable, with fast catastophic error-recovery, etc.

Man, did I visit a lot of prissy, fussy, egotistic web designer blogs, and let them have it.

They heard the Voice of the End User, which a web usability specialist represents based on facts pertaining to the average user, whether they wanted to or not.

But many resisted and despised it.