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supreme reality of the blogosphere

Supreme Reality of the Blogosphere

[NOTE: This is an exact replica of a post that I published at Blog Core Values.]

What do think it is?

Self-expression? Partly. But there's more to it than that. People have been expressing themselves for thousands of years.

Did you know that the bicameral mind theorists state that in ancient societies there was no "self" or "me" as we understand it today.

The ancients were regimented slaves to rulers who claimed to be supernatural "gods" in human form. The enslaved citizens robotically obeyed, not the inner voice of self, not their reason or instincts, but the psychologically implanted voice of the god, the ruler, the screwbag dickweed who called himself the incarnation of his crummy idea of a "god".

Remnants of this idea linger in the "don't question authority" school of thought. This is one reason why I call myself an "Ethical Anarchist" with no political affiliation. I hate all politicians and anyone who tries to bully, deceive, or manipulate others.

Corporations and governments, many of them, bully, deceive, and manipulate others. This will result, thanks to the internet, web, and blogosphere, in their total and permanent destruction.

The supreme reality of the blogosphere is the Rise of the Voice of the Individual. It's the consumer vs. the corporation. We consumers are gaining more power, via Google searches, and via blogging, with mass blog storms against our enemies.

Bad governments and corrupt corporations have plenty to fear from individuals, independent thought, and blogs. We bloggers have every right to cause fear and loathing in evil entities and organizations.

Corporations want you to think the Two Way Conversation is the supreme reality of the blogosphere. That's a lie. They want to deceive you into thinking they're willing and eager to hear from you.

But the only thing a corporation wants to do with a blog is somehow use it to make money. Do you think very many of them sincerely wish to listen to your problems, complaints, suggestions, recommendations, questions?

Ha ha ha.

What planet do you live on?

One of my dear fellow bloggers disagreed with me concerning this issue.

In Dave Taylor's post about the Forbes anti-blog article, Debbie Weil advocates the theory that corporations still wield great power, and that the supreme reality of the blog is the two way conversation, that corporations and consumers can become friends.



Love all the back and forth you got in reaction to your Forbes post. Fun. I just gotta go back to something Steven Streight said above. Because I profoundly disagree. And I think it's profoundly naive. He wrote:

"Business want blogs to be advertising channels. But blogs are all about Revolution, Free Expression, Universalization of Web Content.

This is our battlecry against repressive regimes, con artists, corporate greed, consumer fraud, political phonies, etc.

This is what business really needs to know. They aren't used to hearing from consumers. They have typically ignored after sales service and customer development. They are not "comfortable" with Our Voice, in all its glorious and dubious manifestations.

Tough you-know-what. It's our world now."

No, no, no! No, it isn't!! The whole point of the "new" paradigm of marketing is that it's a back and forth conversation. Not a one-way message. It's the breaking down of the adversarial relationship between companies and customers. It is NOT our world now (if our means "bloggers"). It's everybody's world.

Don't kid yourself. Corporate America still has plenty of power. They're gonna use it anyway they want. What I'm hoping (along with many others) is that they'll adopt some version of blogging, more open communication, accessibility, willingness to listen, whatever you want to call it.

And of course they'll change the way blogs are used to suit their purposes. But readers/customers will keep them in check. There's a checks and balances thing that's only just beginning. The good blogs will survive and prosper; the phony, dull ones will disappear.

Geez, this is a pretty good rant for me. I'll stop... :)

Posted by: Debbie Weil on November 1, 2005 12:32 PM


Here is my reply, posted at Dave Taylor's Intuitive Life Business Blog.


You are wrong Debbie Weil. It is our world now, and the corporations are dead.

Huge corporations, governments, and other institutions will be crumbling and falling. This is no hysterical outpouring of a raging soul. This is market research and educated predictions.

The New York Times article "Just Googling It Is Striking Fear Into Companies" explains very nicely how the Power is coming to the People.

People, consumers are gaining more power, as corporations and institutions lose it steadily and surely.

We tricked businesses into blogging, NOT so we could hear from them, but so they would hear from us, all our groans, complaints, grievances, praises, suggestions, questions, anger, love, and disgust.

The archaic corporate culture defenders hate this. It's NOT the "interactive two way conversation" that is primary, though I champion this aspect and believe in enabling comments on all blogs.

It's the Voice of the Individual that is the Supreme Reality of the Blogosphere.

Grassroots revolution, Power to the People, the overthrow of MSM info hegemony and corporate corruption.

We are winning the war against Mammonism, Ignorance, and Greed.

Debbie, you will see with your own eyes the Fall of Corporate Power and Repressive Regimes.

The blog, and Google, are making it happen much sooner than originally expected by the Cluetrainers and Tim Berners-Lee. But their vision is Truth.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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steven edward streight said...

Another comment I posted at Dave Taylor's Intuitive Life Business Blog, in response to someone saying that the blogosphere is full of spam blogs, thus not very reliable, and that the MSM is far from dead, "the obituary is 50 years too early":


Those who defend the MSM I suspect have some ulterior reason. They are either brainwashed, ill informed, head in the sand, work in the MSM, or hope to kiss enough bottoms in the MSM to gain some lucrative benefit.

You are kissing the bottoms of cadavers.

If most people no longer trust an information channel, and there are many exposes on its lying, sensationalism, and bias, IT IS DEAD.

I spit on the grave of the Morbid Stream Media.

With few exceptions, it is now outmoded and of no real value anymore to most people.

I laugh when I see on a major TV network's 6PM news, references to "our blog", and mention of how people are "going to the internet" to gain facts, bypassing the MSM.

Sorry, no happy, to say: they really are dead and rotting in their graves. It smells bad too.