Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sony BMG is psycho-capitalist

Sony BMG is

Sony? Psycho-capitalist? What do I mean? Let me explain.

Psycho-capitalism is capitalism gone insane with greed, sadism, or selfishness.

It's when a corporation decides to:

* deceive consumers with false advertising
* brainwash children with cartoony commercials
* punish dissent within
* stifle innovation
* provide lousy customer after-sale service
* hype buggy and defective products
* use legal disclaimers that put burden of product repair on customer
* raid the employee pension fund
* engage in offshore outsourcing
* provide bloated compensation packages to the CEO--while downsizing and cutting employee health benefits.

I don't love unions. I am not a liberal, lefty, or socialist. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I have no hidden political agenda, since I don't even believe in politicians or government.

But I attack anything in any regime, political party, or corporation, that I feel is wrong, stupid, or sadistic. And believe me, there's plenty to complain about.

Sony BMG is the very definition of Psycho-Capitalism, capitalism gone mad.

If you think I'm not being very nice, if you think I'm harsh, then you need to learn a little more about what's really going on. You know about Enron, Worldcom, etc., right? Well, they're just the tip of the corruption iceberg.

Here. I've done some research for you.

Check out Sony BMG Music Entertainment's legal disclaimer, as displayed on the back of the SWITCHFOOT "Nothing is Sound" CD. And this is a supposedly "Christian" band that went along with this crap.


This product limits your ability to make multiple digital copies of its content, and you will not be able to play this disc or make copies onto devices not listed as compatible.

In rare cases, you may experience difficulties with compatible devices.

This product is provided AS IS, without any warranties.

You bear the entire risk as the quality and performance of this product; if this product is defective or results in damage to your property, you assume the entire cost of repair.

Acceptance of an End User License Agreement, on the disc or available at www [dot] emimusic [dot] info, or the street addresses provided below, is required to use the digital content on a computer.


Sorry, SWITCHFOOT, but I can't see Jesus allowing a CD of his sermons or singing to be accompanied by such an outrageous, negligent, anti-consumer disclaimer.

Friends, would you buy a loaf of bread, a car, a wristwatch, a halogen lamp, a furnace, or even a piece of candy...

...with this type of disclaimer attached?

Sony is admitting upfront, if you read between the lines, that the product IS defective, CAN cause damage to your computer (and network), and they don't want to be accountable or responsible for any negative consequences.

If you've been following the story on Sony's DRM schemes, you understand why this disclaimer is so absurdly selfish and anti-consumer.

They're installing rootkits into your hard drive, when you Agree to the dialog box Installation Agreement, just to be able to play the music CD.

These rootkits are "cloaked" in the same manner as malware: viruses, Trojans, and worms. If you try to delete or uninstall it, it could destroy your CD drive. Sony is thus imitating cyber-criminals and digital thugs. Shame on their skanky asses.

This is not Ethical Capitalism. This is Psycho-Capitalism.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



René Vis said...

Indeed this is criminal with a king size C. And if Sony does it, how about the other companies in the (near) future?

In my opinion it would be great if every creative person (audio, video, whatever) would put their work on the Internet themselves. And it's up to them if they would sell it or give it for free. Without any interference of record companies, record shops and that kind of business. With today's digital technology it's possible.
Things like this with Sony wouldn't be possible anymore, I guess.

It's a kind of sideway, but here's an example how greedy recordshops and -companies can be: In The Netherlands a new CD costs about 18 Euro in a shop called The FREE Record Shop, while you can buy the same disc at MediaMarkt for 10 Euro. After all these years I still don't know what they mean by FREE. Free to steal from the customers?

Yes, it's a sideway from your Sony-item. But in my believe it's the same capitalistic gang. At the same time I'm afraid that many people just don't care about all this. But we got to try to wake them up.

steven edward streight said...

Among my many creative pursuits, I do some work within the record industry, and I am trying to ban Sony BMG music products from all my client's record stores.

I doubt that I'll succeed, but I have to at least try. I'll know Monday what the verdict is. I need to print out some information on the Sony scheme to convince the client to boycott all their products.

I plan to cause as much financial and reputation damage to Sony as possible.

Any "marketing blog" or "business blog" that refuses to enter this fight, or the fight against the Forbes anti-blog article, prove themselves to be either traitors or cowards.

steven edward streight said...

You mention the fraudulent abuse of the word FREE.

I've seen two instance of such abuse.

First, in a grocery store, there was a sign on some toaster waffles, Eggos, that said FREE.

So, I grabbed about 6 or 8 packages, being very low on money at the time, many years ago.

The check out clerk called the manager. She refused to let me walk out of the store with all those toaster waffles.

The manager said I could have 2 packages free, that's all. He admitted it was a mistake, that the sign was supposed to say "Buy one, get one free."

Then, just yesterday, I watched a fraudulent, lying television commercial. Most commercials have lies in them, if you're smart enough to question things, and not just idiotically soak up everything you hear.

It was for an automated adjustable bed.

They said they had a free video and free literature about the bed, to send to anyone who wanted it.

"So call today. And get everything FREE."

Liars. "Everything" is NOT free, just the promotional video and sales literature.

They are preying on the slow mindedness of some senior citizens. Some older folks will think, "Everything's free? Okay, I'll call."

Then high pressure sales people try to trick them into buying some junk they don't really need.