Friday, November 04, 2005

Rene Vis mind travel music

Rene Vis
mind travel music

The Netherlands musician, Rene Vis, offers mind travel music FREE to the public.

Free you know, but what, you may wonder, is "mind travel" music?

It is a music that evokes alpine mountains, crystal streams, mysterious snowscapes, brilliant colored trees, pine scented ski lodges, frozen lakes shimmering in the morning sun's rays.

Rather than just hearing nice melodies, beats, lyrics and singing--you go beyond the musicality into a realm of mental geography roughly mapping an interior land of deep imagination and exotic scenary.

Rene Vis has an uncanny knack for creating an entire culture within a song, with subtle splashes of melancholy instruments blending in with sparkling synthesizer tones. Various harps, pianos, drum machines, and electronic keyboards combine to please the listener with beautiful, haunting, ephemeral music.

I downloaded some more tunes from his website, created my second Rene Vis iTunes playlist, and burned a CD to listen to.

This second Rene Vis MP3 download CD has been entitled "Mind Travel Music", inspired by an album of his called "Mind Travelling".

My RENE VIS "Mind Travel Music" playlist includes such tracks as:

* Rosa Parks (NEW)
* Seventytwo Presents
* Jingle Jangle Morning
* Dansen!
* The Gospel is the Door
* I Travel in Your Mind
* Melancholy Overcoat
* Twee
* Separation Blues Vocoder Mix
* Toypiano Joy
* ixy dixy
* What Else To Do Than Go Ahead
* Television
* Balcony Bark
* Brand New Day
* Dali Dreams
* Fragment Firenze (Florence 2003)
* Running For Peace
* Straynge Orcheztra
* It's Nuck As Yedou
* Relationships
* Panton Moubah
* Take A Look
* Sit Yourself Down

...and about 12 others.

If you haven't check out Rene Vis yet, visit him today.

Careful. His music can be addictive, euphoric, and habit-forming. Aural dependencies may develop. If other people's music starts sounding stale, mediocre, formulaic after hearing this artist, discontinue the other music immediately, and increase your intake of Rene Vis.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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