Monday, November 07, 2005

New Super Blogger: Lesson 1 "Hate"

How to be a
New Super Blogger:

Lesson 1

HATE is good

I think to be a high quality blogger, first you have to hate the right things.

You also need to love the right things. But to get to the positive position, I believe one must necessarily go through the negative first, with just a tiny pinpoint of light to get your bearings correct. There is no leapfrogging over, or detouring around, the negative. There is no nice, sweet, easy shortcut to the positive.

You have to experience all the ugliness and insanity of this world, and I do mean all of it, before you can be a Triumphalist Blogger, and join the ranks of the New Super Bloggers, who are creating Blogosphere 4.0

I said a lot in that last sentence. Did you catch it all?

New Super Bloggers start with hate.

Hate is the key.

You have to hate one
or more of the following:

* tyranny

* mediocrity

* hypocrisy

* poor usability

* incompetence

* corporate corruption

* political deception

* sadism/misanthropy

* evil, violence, war

* passivity

* cowardice

* apathy

* biased journalism

* negative angle journalism

* journalistic falsifications

* false advertising

* consumer fraud

* greed and selfishness

* racial, sexual, religious, geographic, etc. prejudice (xenophobic-pathic hubris)

* willful, lazy stupidity

* involuntary ignorance, lack of vital information

* financial exploitation by sleazy businesses and con artists

* unilateral message dissemination with no user interaction

You could probably think of other things that deserve relentless, all-consuming hatred.

All the great religious and philosophical teachers, the world liberators, the mystics and poets, all of them have said the same.

(1) Find something to hate.

(2) Fall in love with hating it.

(3) Hate it so much, you love the opposite.

(4) Love the opposite so much, you create more of it.

(5) Create so much of the opposite of the thing you hate, you make the thing you hate cease to exist. You have installed the new thing, the positive thing, a benefit to mankind, in it's place.

Result = Real Revolution.

I now offer on a silvered mirror platter, a bouquet of bugs to my nemesis, my avowed enemies: mediocrity, poor usability, hypocrisy, passivity, and all that other junk I listed above.

A bouquet of bugs
the younger one tugs
away from the hugs
and the mutilating shrugs.

I have created a digital art image to accompany this post, entitled "Bouquet of Bugs", the real thing, but both Blogger and Hello/Picasa are malfunctioning, so I cannot post the image tonight. I'll keep trying until I tire of trying over and over and over again.

You may, if you feel the urge and craving, see this artwork at my gallery at Full Digital Art in France. If the thug rioters haven't burned the computer hosting the server. I'll put a link to my online art gallery in France in my sidebar so you sucka foo can click it if need be. You really sure you want to see my "Bouquet of Bugs" artwork? Hoopla la land...mandate memorial.

[signed] steven streight aka vaspers the grate



carrie said...

i like the first pic with the blue flames. the bug bouquet is also cool.

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Carriebelle.

I'm always trying to reinvent myself, as yoo doo yr blg.

I'm constantly trying to think of new ways to make art images, things and thinks I've never done before, this was Picture Tube variety pac type effect-filter, and I've rarely used it, never used the various types of Picture Tube. Paint Shop Pro.

I like using cheaper versions of software, then forcing it to out-perform the expensive software, to outstrip the clones of those who imitate each other with easy programs. Whilst I struggle with less costly and less glamorous competitive products, which I like more.

timjoe said...

as a career journalist, i hate journalistic falsifications...but "biased journalism" is tricky to define...even tougher to define is "negative angle journalism"...i'm curious to hear your definitions for those two.


timjoe said...

i hate journalistic falsifications but "biased journalism" and "negative angle journalism" are tricky to define...i'm eager to hear any definitions anyone here cares to offer.


timjoe said...

i hate journalistic falsifications but "biased journalism" and "negative angle journalism" are tricky to define...i'm eager to hear any definitions anyone here cares to offer.


steven edward streight said...


I certainly appreciate your comments here, because each comment makes me, I mean my blog (there is, believe it or not, a slight difference), look "popular". Ha ho ho.

Seriously, I try to make clear that my fight is against "certain aspects of" the MSM, which I even narrow down to Morbid Stream Media, not just mass broadcast unilaterlism.

At least the newspaper has a public access venue for interaction: letters to the editor.

Imagine a television station allowing local citizens to make a televised comment, on any topic, in any style of presentation, baring nudity and bigoted speech, one half hour per week.

Never happen with the MSM as it now exists.

But TV anchor man says "go to OUR BLOG for more details" and "the internet says".

There is a revolution. It has already happened. The MSM is still largely in the dark, judging by their reactions, misunderstandings, hasty conclusions, esp. re: blogs, bloggers, blogosphere.

Please know that your opinions are of extreme interest to me, you, sir, an old fan, a loyal and dedicated fan of my rotten early electronic weirdo music recordings.


Now let's see if I can get this darned Word Verification right this time.

steven edward streight said...

I know nothing of any bias in any media. That's not my concern.

Everyone has some pre-determining mind set, and all MSM are mainstream because they have powerful sponsors who exercise tremendous control or influence over the content and style.

I don't speculate much on the people pulling whatever puppet strings are admitted to exist in the MSM.

I instead analyze MSM statements, primarily online text, like their declarations on "blogs", etc.

I make nearly no political or moral comments, I judge text and visual design for qualities in keeping with consumer psychology, human psychosis, and mammalian misanthropy.

That's all.

"Morbid" means, and I'm referring primarily to television news, constantly reporting and dramatizing tragedy, conflict, division, failure, fears, potential catastrophe, misgivings, problems.

This is not "objectivity" it is "morbidity", because of emphasis, position, and emotional value of the reporting.

The "negative angle" is the whining, complaining, overly-cautionary, pessimistic style of much TV news.

I rarely comment on newspapers or magazines, mainly because I don't read any, except in doctor's offices.

I get all my news from the internet, then watch TV for pure amusing analytical reasons, not for information.

The most a TV news show can do is provoke me to go to the internet to get the real facts and conflicting opinions.

Example: CNN coverage of Iraq elections. Showed old footage of Iraqis mourning, wailing, screaming for their dead in a terrorist event that was weeks or months old, not current.

This was a heinous example of Morbid Streaming. I leave it to others to explain the political or social reasons for such morbidity, which they usually charge to a "bias" of some sort.

I just look at the information. Not "why do they say this?", "what exactly are they say, what are the implications, what are the ultimate values in relation to users and individuals?"

Morbidity and fear are advanced for this main reason: To Sell Drugs, Alcohol, Food, Vacations, etc. to stressed out, fearful viewers.

And I'm not even a Marxist, but anybody can see this truth if they watch what commercials follow what news segments.