Friday, November 25, 2005

Mix Woe with Go

A kind Reader of VTG recently posted a comment containing the quote "Vengeance is a lazy form of grief".

Not knowing precisely what was intended by this comment, but good-naturedly accepting it as a question or a challenge, I posted a retort:


Grief is a self-centered form of mourning the loss of a personalized super-normal internalized object choice, that draws over-compensating narcissitic energies from the grandeur of the subject's myopic delusions.

In other words, grief is introspective self-pity pretending to be servile many cases.

Thus, don't "rage", rant, or ramble endlessly on your blog.

Rather: retaliate.

Retaliate...when appropriate, and...when it's for the benefit of humanity, and not just your personal convenience and self-interest.


See, most people know how screwed up management, corporations, religions, government, the self, and other things are.

Most everybody has experienced first-hand the incompetence, stupidity, and psychosis that is rampant in modern business, marketing, and manufacturing. We all have argued with inept or annoying sales clerks, department heads, telemarketers, priests, pastors, bosses, banks, and cab drivers. Right?

We all hate the frequency and empty fluff of television commercial interruptions, which usually fail to provide any reason to buy their hyped product now. Correct?

We all have seen innovation and improvement stifled, ridiculed, and condemned as "change", which podunk businesses interpret paranoically as "catastrophic attack upon easy habitual routine", or simply "more work".

We have witnessed the persecution of whistle-blowers and "lowly" worker suggestions. Like a backsliden preacher, the upperlings think that their vision is the soul of the company, when in reality that vision means almost nothing, and the true essence of the business, in association with the product itself, is the daily interactions between customer service and sales reps with the public.

What do we do?

Most people grudgingly acknowledge these problems, and feel sad.

"Yeah, I agree, that sucks." That's it.

Nearly nobody wants to actually struggle against these corruptions and insufficiencies. Very few are even willing to voice an indignant outcry or an altruistic warning. Those who do more than "grieve", those who do more than just "feel bad" about it, are rare indeed.

The world doesn't need more grieving, whining, bitterness, guilt, or remorse. It needs action, retaliation, justice, transformation.

You need to add some Go to your Woe.

Dare to be There.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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