Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Internet Press Guild bashes stupid Forbes

Internet Press Guild bashes stupid Forbes

The embers of the controversy concerning the ignorant and hateful Forbes anti-blog article, are still smoldering.

Forbes is increasingly out of touch with reality and the new economy. They seem to be desperately clinging to MSM myths and substandard, discredited reporters.

Today, the blog Free Range Librarian, by blogger Karen G. Schneider, posted an interesting letter to Steve Forbes.

The article is "IPG to Forbes Magazine: Wake Up People".


Let me quote a little bit of that letter for you.


As members of the Internet Press Guild, an organization of approximately 80 writers and editors covering technology, founded in 1996, we view with some alarm the recent publication of a highly inaccurate article, "Attack of the Blogs" in your magazine.

We wish particularly to express concern over the sidebar article which lays out a
road map for legal harassment and smear tactics to be used against bloggers who report critically on corporate activities.

The dividing line between journalists and bloggers is a hazy one. We would think that Forbes would be the first to agree that the ability of journalists (online or print) to report on the behavior of companies without fear of reprisal is a cornerstone of the First Amendment.

There are perfectly adequate outlets for wronged parties to address negligent reporting, through libel law.

This sidebar is a blueprint for corporations and private individuals to intimidate reporters and damage the investigative press that the American public depends on.

While there may very well be a good story on blogging and how corporations should respond to negative blogging, this was not it.


Go read the entire letter at Free Range Librarian.

I champion such bold denouncing of shoddy journalism as can be found in Forbes. Sad to say, but Forbes is so old fashioned and mean spirited, it is now almost completely irrelevant.

I receive their newsletters via email every day. Generally, not a single thing of any value is to be found therein. Yawn. Boy, they sure make me sleepy.

I love watching the Morbid Stream Media die an ugly, stinky death. It's so...so...invigorating, almost thrilling. The death spasms are funny and fun to witness. Ah, I spit on their grave with great delight.

It's about time Psycho-Capitalism and Corporate Insanity got what it deserved.

Rah. Rah. Sis boom bah.

Ha ha ha.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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