Wednesday, November 16, 2005

electro-telepathic blogs

When you read my blog, as writing reflects my thing-king, you have my thoughts, and I have your attention. What more is there than your attention and inaction?

The link is the merging of mind and mind, text and time, context and cortex. The tech of the text opens up new field of renumeration, reconsolidation, and redundancy.

The redundant is the actualized in the universal, a firm planting of feet in the sphere of contagion and conquest: for an idea to bubble up into infinity from infinitude, to dominate like nature, the old actual must subside, carried out by the flow of mixed information zones. Every vital bit of information, every morsel of mentation fit to eat, fed through the rainbow mouth of the mind, must be available in multiple locations, for portentious loathing and voting.

To have exclusive location of information, limited, guarded, non-distributed except in controlled versions for a price, is the Old Pre-web Economy.

The New Webonomic model is free sharing of nearly everything, at no price.

Free music mp3s

(Matador Records, Ubu Web, Rene Vis, Chenard Walcker, Puzzling Recordings, Schott-International Classical Music, Weirdo Music, Amazon [dot] com, and Canadian Electroacoustic Community)


free PDF documents in ebook format

(the Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents by Reporters Without Borders PDF file download).

Blogs also, like landbot adventure-trekkers, must therefore be free, unattached, demodulated, massively and eternally out of synch with religio-political oversight forces.

Blogs need liberty to freely and abundantly transmit quotes, posts, photos, art, sound, activity, with great ease and felicity. Proper credits, attributions, start and end signals, and hypertext links to the source, will ensure a blogosphere of great value, dignity, and vision.

This is how new ideas can occur. The blogospheric jumbling of concepts, kaleidoscopic blogoscopy, a series of smears and smirks piling up in unpoliced revolutionary upheavals.

The Blog is a special use, a simpering instance, of language, a bulleted bull-horn, symphonic sentencing of sensations, a thought-machine that washed up on the shores of our longing for electro-telepathic communication.

To transmit one mind's content to another mind, without the presence of either being present to the other, without government, without institutions, without gatekeepers, to inscribe it all and deliver it whole, without obligation to state what the State wants stated.

The electro-telepathic, one animate object feeling at a distance what some other or an entire group feels, thinking with or against another's thinking: the humble, stark, unmediated blog.

The blog is too revolutionary, too hotly activated, too interactive, to classify as something so unilateral and passive as "media". It's not even "new media", whereas "media" is a passive slab of indoctrinated messengers who pretend to describe what is rotating on emptinesses, rather than the thing Itself, the vehicular current that the message, if it indeed be a message, is flowing toward you on.

The blog cannot be "new media", because it is "two men" or "two women" or "two of anything", or "many" or "millions", talking back and forth with each other, from sedate auditorium to wild sensorium.

Hugo Ball, ascetic dadaist activist

"I thought that only beauty and poverty had real power over me and must admit that I was wrong. To confess their crimes, the times need a medium. To comfort myself, I can tell myself one thing: perhaps it depends less on what one does, than on where one has one's ears while doing it....

This age of ours tries to let even the supernatural appear quite natural. Where do the guarantees of the supernatural lie? I find no other answer but in isolation, in desertion, in withdrawal from the age. One will thus become supernatural before one knows it. Always look carefully and check how one can isolate oneself from this age without giving up life, beauty, and the unfathomable."

--Hugo Ball diaries, Zurich, 1916

(Flight Out of Time: A Dada Diary by Hugo Ball, edited by John Elderfield, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1974)

electro-telepathic blogs
let unauthorized thought
sail triumphantly into every mind

Sigmund Freud

"No reader of an account of astronomy will feel disappointed and contemptuous of a science if he is shown the frontiers at which our knowledge of the universe melts into haziness. Only in psychology is it otherwise. There mankind's constitutional unfitness for scientific research comes fully into the open. What people seem to demand of psychology is not progress in knowledge, but satisfactions of some other sort; every unsolved problem, every admitted uncertainty is made into a reproach against it.

Whoever cares for the science of mental life must accept these injustices along with it."

Freud, 1932

(from Preface to New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-analysis, The Standard Edition, trans. and ed., James Strachey, W. W. Norton, 1965)

Bloggers will be accused of imperfections, missed intentions, variable limitations, stereophonic simulizations...but we chuggle on ahead, always ever upward, ushering in the new dimension.

The new mind-ter-net, the mental internetworked system of inner revelation for outward reformation.

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