Friday, November 18, 2005

Copy your comments/registration text


Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate is one of the fastest rising "voices of conscience" of the beloved blogosphere.

His Vaspers the Grate blogspot blog, based on Zero Budget Marketing, Jakob Nielsen Web Usability, and Radical Derrida Deconstruction Blogology, has received favorable grunts and snorts from Business Week Blogspotting's Heather Green, Dave Taylor, Christopher Locke, Paul Woodhouse, Amy Gahran, and many other big shots.

Not for the timid or shy, VTG is the ultimate in blogoscopic revelation.

The utter genius of the writing,the paranormal paragraph you see displayed above this sentence as it sits in this post in this blog in the web of the internet of the earth, is enough reason.

Enough reason why I always move my cursor to the text, highlight it all, and Copy it, to Paste it later, in a blog or Notepad utility, perhaps as a Rich Text Format file in My Documents.

Apply this wisdom to all text you type as you sit at your computer, or lie under it if you've got a portaputer.

Will someone buy be a portaputer? See, I just invented yet another in my seemingly obsessive and never ending line of "blogo-neologisms", which word in itself is again another one of what it describes and points toward via your internal speaking in your mind of what you see inscribed digitally electronically here, in front of your physically present face, a mere postulating postule to me on my side, the dim far side, of this thing.

If you forget, you'll regret.

How to Copy Text with Your Browser

(1.) Move your cursor to select (highlight) desired portion or entirety of text.

(2.) Click-select (activate highlight-select) that text.

(3.) Move your cursor up to the top browser chrome.

On my Firefox browser, at the far left side, there are File, Edit, View, Go, Bookmarks, Tools, Help (first letter is underlined in each word).

(4.) You want to go to File. Click-select File.

See menu drop down.

(5.) Click-select Copy.

Other options may be grayed out, Paste will be grayed out as unavailable, unless you had already Copy'd something earlier in your session.

Now, this comment or registration will, when you select (highlight) and Copy it, replace the former Copy'd text.


You may have spent several seconds composing a brilliant, relevant, funny, well-written, lengthy, and incredibly boring reply to an hallucinatorily dumb post at some genius's blog.

You attempt to enter or post this autographic anomalous text you just wrote.

An error message appears. You are an intruder-user, rather than a MEMBER, meaning:

YOU ARE SPOTTED, YOU CANNOT HIDE, U R 1 (one) of the unwashed masses who has not ***"REGISTERED"*** at the vainglorious, siege-mentality site.

How bad exactly was the comment and abuse or argumentative comments that have forced your pretty little web site to force people to ***"REGISTER"*** before they can do anything more than passively, anonymously adore the clever beauty of your transient-aggregate site?

All information is transient, appearing on this site, at this physical location, in this material brain, one moment...

...then disappearing from there and appearing somewhere else, seconds or centuries later.

All information is aggregate: compiled from various external sources, then hopefully, garnished with a twist of the author's personal style.

You start copying your statements, in case an error occurs, and you have to re-enter everything.


I did this today at Online Journalism Review.

I playfully entered my birth date as 1998, and my entire description text and other data were erased, forcing me to re-enter it all.

Luckily, even though you must be 18 years old or older to ***"REGISTER"***, I had my self portrait profile text, brilliant eh? Copied and ready to Paste anywhere I wished.

So the re-entering of the data was a bit easier. The time I saved, and much more, is now being used to explain the self-evident truth to all my loyal readers, like you.

This goes for blog comments you deposit at other people's blogs.

Before you click/select "Post", "Say It", "Honk Yr Hornhole", or whatever, be sure to highlight and Copy the comment text.

Many times I've typed the wrong characters into a Word Verification captcha anti-spam device, and had to re-enter my comment, but the comment box is blank, it got "erased" on my browser, and I have to remember the 23 paragraphs of sound argument I had written, including the embedded jokes.

Not good.


So before you attempt to publish your text at another blog, be sure Copy that comment. How many have you lost already?

Copy that site registration "about me" field, web forum personal description, email discussion list private details, online community profile, any lengthy and especially witty text you type at other sites.

It may immediately, unexpectedly, suddenly come in handy.

[Neologism Alert.]

Or are you a blurker?

A blog-lurker, silent, reserved, attentive, reflective, re-sending the information through other, non-blogospheric channels?

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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