Sunday, November 13, 2005

Blogs for damage, not damage control

Blogs for damage,
not "damage control"

My buddy Dave Taylor really inspires me, generally due to his taking the opposite position on some issues.

But I like that. I like it when fellow business bloggers give voice to a different point of view. So here I go again, reacting to another Intuitive Life Business Blog post.

This time it's about the sleazy Sony rootkit. Sony BMG Music Entertainment is using a DRM device that involves cloaking of a rootkit installation, which comes with recent Sony music CDs.

Dave Taylor, in his post "Blogs for Damage Control", asks how and if Sony should use blogs to save their reputation and stem the mounting tide of fury against their skanky ass schemes.

Here is my response, in a comment posted at his blog:


Sony is imitating cyber-criminals, the makers of viruses, Trojans, and worms.

This is Psycho-capitalism, mammonism gone mad with selfishness and greed.

The smart record companies, like Matador Records (alt rock) and Schott-International (modern classical music), are giving out free mp3s, samples of bands, to generate sales for the CDs.

Then net labels, like Comfort Stand and Puzzling Recordings, are giving entire CDs as mp3 downloads, away for free.

The old market mentality, exhibited in ugly manifestation by Sony BMG Music Entertainment, is dead.

Forget Sony damage control.

Sony needs to change their flipping corporate culture, not to a band-aid, quick-fix "damage control".

Who cares about this huge greedy corporation's damage? I don't.

What we should be caring about is the damage to customer's CD drives, which can occur if a customer simply attempts to uninstall the sleazy DRM cloaked rootkit.


I'm sorry. I forgot to mention the damage that may occur to corporate networks. This is what the IT guys and gals are up in arms about.

I hope and pray that Sony BMG Music Entertainment learns their first lesson about blogs through this controversy.

Hey, Sony. Blogs are all about DAMAGE, not damage control.

We bloggers go around damaging the reputations of sleazy businesses. We bloggers seek to damage the financial standing of corporate criminals. We bloggers want to damage the bottom line profitability of crappy, fraudulent products.

Damage control?

Don't make me laugh.

You can't do damage control with a blog nearly as well as we bloggers can damage you. Who's going to visit a Sony blog anyway? And read about what? The sexual exploits of Ricky Martin? Celine Dion's love for her husband? Switchfoot's generic crud rock? New releases by has-beens and boring mediocre imitators?

Damage control?

Yeah, right. Sorry, I will never post a single word about how idiotic, evil corporations can make their heinous deeds look more respectable.

Screw you Sony.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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