Saturday, November 19, 2005

12 fundamental aspects of blogs

Blog basics can be considered as a set of twelve sequential categories of effort, each pointing naturally to the next in the descending hierarchy. To go too far astray in any one of these aspects can result in a blog that lags behind the rest, wounded, over-particularized, partially betrayed by the lacklustre impediment.

The progression is from creating a new blog all the way to using blog posts and comments to wage war against opponents.

Needless to say, new bloggers need careful and exacting guidance in the first stages of their blogging career. There are many ways of ensuring the failure of a new blog.

12 Fundamental
Aspects of Blogs

(1) Blog construction

(2) Settings configuration

(3) Template tweaking

(4) Sidebar enhancement

(5) Blogroll production

(6) Comment spam prevention

(7) Usability improvement

(8) In-thread and reciprocal commenting

(9) Post topic selection

(10) Blogospheric invasion strategy

(11) Blog core values development

(12) Blogocombat

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