Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Why Rimbaud and blog?

Why Rimbaud and blog?

How do they go together?

Arthur Rimbaud was a teenage genius poet, now considered to be an originator of modern (20th Century) poetry. He was a rebel, with a visionary, emotional sensitivity conveyed over the ruins of classic literature and bohemian living.

He abruptly abandoned poetry, after causing a series of commotions in the French parlor and cafe intelligensia circles, from within which a great portrait of Rimbaud was sketched by Picasso. Rimbaud declared that poetry wasn't powerful enough to change the world, and he turned his energies to business dealings and simple survival, as his letters attest. He died, at 37, of leg cancer or some similar horrible disease.

What matters to me about Rimbaud is his independent thinking, skeptical vision, satirical verse, and phantasmagorical realms invented by obscurantist, esoteric poetry.

Rimbaud, if he were a young poet today, would have a blog. "Illumi-blog"? "The Drunken Blog"?

Rimbaud would blog, because he was a controversial poet, a political contrarian, a young scholar, a cultural activist, a surreal clown, and an art revolutionist.

I see Rimbaud in the creativity used in blog post writing and topic selection.

In the creativity in new and innovative blog applications.

In the creativity used to make a blog generate income for the blogger.

In the creativity that perseveres even when no readers post any comments, and it seems like nobody cares.

In the creativity displayed in blog comments posted by readers.

In the creativity generating unique blog designs.

In the creativity required to have a valuable, interesting, entertaining, artistically attractive, fully functional, easy to read blog.

In the creativity of coming up with new blog URLs and titles.

The Names of All the Blogs
in Existence is a POEM

The names of blogs, if strung together, all eleven million of them, would be a remarkable absurdist revelation poem.

I now call it into existence.

I hearby declare:

I, Vaspers the Grate, also known as Steven Streight, solemnly affirm under oath, on this 5th day of October 2005, that the entire string of all the names of all the blogs that exist, this list of over eleven million blog titles, is one long, ongoing poem.

I call this poem "Colossal Cuckoo Clock and the Early Morning Time Worms".

So be it, it is done.

Rimbaud Online

Some of Rimbaud's poetry is online, in French and English versions, at:


Rimbaud Poetry Index

The collection includes:

* Sun and Flesh
* Sensation
* Romance
* The Drunken Boat
* The star has wept rose-colored
* Vowels
* A Dream for Winter
* The Sleeper in the Valley
(an anti-war poem you won't forget)

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Zafufilia said...

All of the direct links are dead.

steven edward streight said...

This is annoying. I typed them correctly. I have to spend time trying to figure out what went wrong. I think a Captial letter needs to be lower case in the URLs, in the poem titles, maybe. Working on it now.