Friday, October 21, 2005

Why can't I see my blogs?

Why can't I see my blogs?

Two of them are invisible to me right now:

(1) Vaspers the Grate

(2) Blog Core Values

{EDIT UPDATE: After publishing this post, my Vaspers blog appeared in my browser. Still, please read on, and contact me if you have any answers or suggestions. Or a similar experience.}

Why just these two blogs? When I click-select the link in my Bookmarks, or from any other starting point, nothing appears in the browser window. A blank.

I was able to go to the Blogger site and enter my template. Everything seems to still exist. If anyone can read this to verify my next remark: I can publish posts to it.

You can help me by posting a comment to let me know if you can see VTG and BCV blogs in your browser.

Even though I cannot see these two blogs, I will receive Gmail notification whenever anyone posts a comment on any of my blogs. See how this little feature is beneficial in yet another way?

This really bugs me.'s also uncanny, ironic, and coincidentally crazy.

Two nights ago, at a client web development meeting, I had mentioned the fact that many web sites are blank when I arrive at them. An empty screen in the browser window. The address bar indicates that I am indeed at the URL, but I see nothing.

Now it's two of my own sites that do this. This is creepy and frustrating.

I asked why this happens. No one had any idea, except the possibility that the web site was deleted and the URL somehow pointed to the void where the content of the site resided. I'm a bit confused about these online mirages, ghost towns, and spectres.

Art Test Explosion and Stinky Ugly Toys seem okay. They appear in my Firefox browser whenever I visit the URL.

You could tell me to research the topic online. Okay. That's what I usually do when faced with a dilemma. However, I'm not even sure what keywords or phrases to type into the Google search engine.

What type of error is this?

What's broken? Network? Browser? Template? Blogger web site? My eyes? My very sanity itself?

Post a comment or email me if you have a clue.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


(This ad, displaying jovial blindfolded motorcycle driving, an image culled from the Dvorak Uncensored blog, seems appropriate to post again.

Is she removing the blindfold...or tying it tighter? Is she removing the blindfold to see what it is her man has bought for her? Can't she perceive that the gift is a motorcycle and not a box of candy? I mean, she's ON it, for crying out loud.)


Chris Ritke said...

Looks good to me - I sometimes get error messages from Blogger when I view my blog just after I add a new post -

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Chris for posting a comment.

This is very strange, and it's not just Blogger, it's lots of web sites that have nothing in them when viewed thru my browser, Firefox or IE.

The error message from Blogger is probably related to heavy traffic on their site.

steven edward streight said...

I want to add this to clarify:

it's not a 404 Not Found error message that I get.

It's nothingness. Blank. No error message, not anything at all.

MARYBETH said...

I am reading VTG as I write this; however, i get the same screen you get, when clicking on BCV.
The wonders never end on the blogosphere.

carrie said...

i can see VTG but not BCV.
did you try publishing something on BCV? maybe that will fix it?

zafu said...

Wow that's a great motorcycle ad!!!! I really love that. Thanks!

BTW I've had the same experience of my blog not showing up temporarily. Eventually it comes back. Also had a couple of times when no link to my blog appeared on my profile, but figured out that I had messed with my settings so the blog was private.