Monday, October 03, 2005

What a blog consultant does

What a blog consultant does

is determine how a business or individual
can use a blog to achieve specific goals.

Tell me who you are.

Tell me what you want to do.

Tell me what end result
or continuous process you seek...

...I'll tell you how to get it
by using a blog.

Aside from certain types of unethical, criminal, or unproductive forms (pseudo, ghosted, spamdexing, link farm, fictional character, anti-blog), you may use a blog however you wish.

But your blog must be:

* appropriate

* targeted

* consistent

* high quality

* unique

* relevant

* aggressive or passionate

* easy to read (short paragraphs, type decorations, subheads, definitions)

* easy to remember the URL for and title of

* easy to skim for relevant info

* pleasant to visit

* attracting quality comments

* attractive to look at

* improving constantly

* more and more beneficial

* devoted to readers' needs and interests

* well written

* well known to others in your field

* interacting with similar blogs

* frequently updated with new posts

* enable users to post comments

* sincere, honest, truthful, helpful, intelligent.

Blogs enable you to:

1. Easily and quickly publish material that others can access with a browser via the web.

2. Display and share digitized items (photos, poems, podcasts, art, cartoons, music, video, audio, etc.).

3. Gather feedback from customers about new ideas or products.

4. Coordinate team projects and work in progress.

5. Have something online, gaining wider exposure.

6. Engage in two way communication with family, friends, customers, constituents, etc.

7. Respond swiftly to events and news reports.

8. Provide moment by moment updates on what's happening.

9. Interact with users, readers, fans, peers.

10. Learn advanced web skills at your own convenience and speed.

You can use a blog to:

* express opinions

* display photos

* showcase artwork

* organize social activism

*create an online community

* proclaim a message

* keep track of project status

* collaborate with a team

* inform employees of procedure updates and changes

* help customers understand the heart of a company

* encounter people with similar interests

* push a philosophy

* document life events and feelings

* practice writing skills

* sell products and services

* promote a political candidate

* provide others the benefit of your expertise

* counter negative media reports

* establish an online reputation for proficiency in a field

* entertain peers

* keep in touch with family

* search for answers

* put a human face on a giant corporation

* connect with other bloggers emotionally and professionally

* exercise your right to free expression

* engage in the universal democratization of web content

* impress your friends and relatives

* share your knowledge and skills with others

...and many more applications, as your imagination conceives them.

Vaspers the Grate

exists to help you

improve your blog
or web site.

Got a problem now?

Want some answers immediately?

Tell me about me,

or post a comment.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I have a question. Do you contract your services in the form of "blog babysitting?" I will be gone until the 13th of Oct. and would apprecitate it if you could keep your eye on the chaos at the DCS homefront.

Thanks in advance. Til then, best to you and your endeavors in the blogoshpere and elsewhere.

P.S. Unlike you, I am informing others of my leave of abscense. I don't want you to worry your pretty little head off up for sleepless nights when I don't respond to a post of yours. I on the other hand had to endure many a sleepless night, worrying that Vaspers the Grate may be in danger and in need of the chaotic triumphalist blogging help that I may sometimes provide.


steven edward streight said...

Yes, I'll keep an eye on your blog, but without administrative privileges, Blogger won't allow me to remove comment spam.

I can heckle naysayers, ridicule abusers, humiliate idiots, and haunt foes...if that's all you need.

I was unable to notify my readers of my involuntary absence, since it was characterized by sudden onset, indeterminate duration, unknown causes mixed with identified factors, and it was technically impossible or very problematic.

I could have used someone elses internet connected computer to access my blogs and email, using my passwords and usernames, but I was too busy with work and moving.

Then I broke my scapula.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Gotta love your articulation, Steven. Heckle the hecklers. Thankyou.

Zafufilia said...

i found myself puzzled at your absence at first. then, as time went by and it appeared you had abandonned ship, i felt hostile.


steven edward streight said...

I also was puzzled by things relating to my involuntary absence.

I hated how I was not even able to publish a notification post informing readers of what was happening.