Thursday, October 27, 2005

Weird Spam Blogs

Weird Spam Blogs

Friends, I've got to tell you: the blogosphere is getting rather strange.

If you've never seen a Spam Blog, Pseudo Blog, Link Farm Blog, or other blogoid nonsense, you need to look at this.

When I searched Technorati "Other Blogs That Link To" for Vaspers the Grate, I found this blog "Pharm Facts". No profile. No About link, but a sentence in sidebar about the blog being about facts regarding pharmaceutics [sic].

This pseudo blog was linking to my post "Truth Trust Campaign", ironically enough.

Here is the entire post:


pharm facts news: Truth Trust Campaign

WANT to read full article of pharm facts category? Click link above.

, clink clone, pharm-phish, spoofer, baiter, linkfarmer, textlink fraud, identity theft, anonymous...-Authoritative: researched facts, probing questions, justified disgrunting, lavish information extraction

WANT to learn more about pharm facts? Click link below.

Vaspers the Grate
More pharm facts blogs

posted by pharman at 7:55 AM


I flagged it for objectionable content via the new Blogger flag device.

This is just another example of blog abuse, trying to use blogs to boost the SE ranking of a site, or whatever it is they're trying to do. Why they link to me, I'm not sure exactly. But the link "More pharmfacts blogs" indicates to me it's a Spam or Link Farm blog, designed to create link popularity for, or drive traffic to, a spurious site.

I guess this is being used to trick people into ordering drugs. Why anyone would trust an online pharmaceutical supply source is beyond me.

How would you know what it was that is in the pills? They say it's Vicodin or Viagra, but how do you know? Stupid, huh?

There is no real content here in this piece of garbage, this wretched, miserable blog-like web object.

It appears to be a blog, but it's not. It's a pseudo blog.

Avoid them.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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